7 Things Real Estate Clients Need from Their Agents

Success in the real estate business is all about making your clients happy. Do this, and you may have a customer for life — not to mention great reviews and referrals to help you build your reputation. But what, exactly, do clients expect from their real estate agents? Here's what you need to know to provide stellar service and bring your A-game to every interaction.

Deep Local Knowledge

Whether your clients are relocating to your area or already live nearby, they expect you to know your community well. Your clients will have all sorts of questions about the area they plan to buy in. They may want to know about local schools, dining, and entertainment options. They also wonder about traffic, crime, taxes, and a wide range of other issues.

Pro Tip: Consider adding blog posts to your website or sending a newsletter highlighting local events and neighborhood features. It will show off your deep knowledge and keep you connected to potential clients.

Accurate Pricing

According to the National Association of Realtors, the number one thing sellers want from their real estate agent is help pricing their home competitively. A right-priced home will sell more quickly and help sellers make the largest possible profit. It's no wonder that clients expect agents to be well-versed in both local and national pricing trends to perform a detailed competitive market analysis (CMA).

Pro Tip: Review MLS listings regularly to stay on top of current pricing in your area. This will help you learn exactly how much certain features are worth in your market to draft accurate CMAs.  

Stand-Out Offers

In today's ultra-competitive real estate market, buyers need to know you have their backs. They expect their real estate agent to put together offers that get them noticed and help seal the deal. Smart agents manage client expectations while working behind the scenes to put together an eye-catching presentation that highlights why the buyer's offer is too good to pass up.

Pro Tip: Structure your offers around the seller's biggest need to help your buyers catch their attention.

Enthusiastic Representation

When you're working as a sellers' agent, clients expect you to do everything possible to show off their home in the best light. They'll expect you to organize an open house and make potential buyers feel welcome. Sellers want you to love their house as much as they do, so you'll have to focus on the positive and offer helpful advice on all the ways they can make the house more attractive to buyers.

Pro Tip: While it's not your job to stage the home, you can direct sellers to a reputable staging company or painter for an affordable spruce-up.

Unbiased Opinions

Your goal is to make sales and close deals, but your clients expect you to be on their side. They're counting on your unbiased opinions about how much to offer on a house or what concessions to ask for from the seller. Clients expect you to work for their best interests, not just for the bottom line of your commission.

Pro Tip: Review the NAR's Code of Ethics and any state regulations to make sure you serve your client's best interests. Continuing education courses for agents can also help.

Personal Connections

Buying and selling a home is probably the biggest financial transaction your clients will ever make. But it's also an emotional one. Clients expect their real estate agents to listen to all their hopes and fears and to connect with them on a personal level. They're also looking for personalized service, including walk-throughs and meetings that fit their schedule.

Pro Tip: Take notes about your clients in your phone's contacts app. This will help you remember names, relationships, and important dates. Dropping these personal touches into emails and calls will show you care.

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