Top Tips for Attracting Talented Real Estate Agents to Your Brokerage

Attracting talented real estate agents to your brokerage is all about providing more value for agents than they can get at other brokerages. It’s tempting to simply increase the commission split and call it a day, but you can only increase that split to a certain point. And many of today’s real estate agents are savvy enough to consider complete packages offered by brokerages rather than just comparing splits.

Luckily, there are lots of ways you can stand out without focusing on commission splits. Here are six ideas you can use to attract top talent to your real estate brokerage.

1. Guide Them to the Right Real Estate License Course

If you’re a real estate brokerage recruiter, you’re likely talking to several potential future real estate agents who haven’t completed the real estate licensing course yet. While there are a number of pre-licensing providers out there, guiding your recruits to an approved course and helping them take the first step toward earning their license can make all the difference in whether they choose to join your brokerage or not. 

Better yet, you can incentivize recruits to choose you by comping all or part of their pre-license course. Aceable Real Estate School makes this a breeze. Real estate brokerage partners can buy pre-license courses from us in bulk at a discounted rate, then sell them to recruits. You can choose to reimburse the recruit if they finish the course and sign on to join the team. Want to get creative? Try buying in bulk and periodically raffling off a pre-license course to your recruiting email list to garner more interest.

2. Offer a New Agent Training Program

New agents are lost and overwhelmed when they enter the real estate industry. Their pre-license courses may have prepared them to process real estate transactions, but these courses typically aren’t able to cover the ins and outs of general business practices like marketing, prospecting, sales, negotiation, and business operations.

New agents want a comprehensive on-the-job training program that lays out a clear path for success. 

3. Provide Continuing Education Courses for Experienced Agents

All 50 states require continuing education courses at regular intervals for real estate agents to retain their licenses. And with 75% of agents in a 2020 survey agreeing that these CE courses have been impactful in their careers, this presents a strong opportunity for brokerages to compete for agents.

When you cover all or part of the cost of CE courses, you’re showing your agents you're committed to their ongoing career development. Check out the continuing education deals real estate brokerages get as an Aceable partner!

4. Invest in PropTech

Agents don’t just need access to training and education; they need access to the tools and systems required to be successful. And in the 2020s, this means PropTech. PropTech (property technology) is the use of technology to improve efficiency in the real estate industry. PropTech has seen major innovation since the COVID-19 outbreak forced everyone to move in-person meetings online. And today’s agents value PropTech tools (and the brokerages that provide them).  

Here are a few examples of PropTech your brokerage can offer to attract agents:

  • Drone photos

  • IDX websites

  • CRM database access

  • Integrated email marketing

  • AI chatbots

  • Augmented reality staging

  • Virtual tour platforms 

5. Create a Culture of Support and Growth

Not only does a positive company culture help you attract new talent, but it also helps you retain the talent you have. No agent wants to feel neglected by their brokerage. And no agent wants to feel stifled either. Agents want to know that the brokerage has their backs and is willing to help them reach whatever level they aspire to. And when your current agents feel supported, they can share their good experiences with your prospective recruits.

Providing the training, continuing education, and technology agents need is a good start to providing a supportive company culture. But you can do more. Insist that all agents treat one another with respect at all times. Encourage agents to support one another publicly (by liking and commenting on one another’s social media posts, for example). And consider implementing a mentorship program so your agents never feel lost or alone.

6. Get Visible

You could offer the best benefits package in the world, but if no one knows what you’re offering, you won’t attract any additional agents.

In addition to promoting your brokerage to buyers and sellers, make sure you regularly promote your brokerage to real estate agents. Feature your agents’ success stories on your website, plug your brokerage on your social media accounts, and personally reach out to newly-licensed agents in your market. 

Determine exactly what differentiates your brokerage from the other brokerages in your area, create a succinct message that explains your differentiator, then broadcast that message to the talented agents in your market. You’ll be attracting talented real estate agents to your brokerage in no time! Need help with your marketing strategy? When you partner with Aceable, you’ll get a dedicated Business Development representative who can provide tips and best practices on how to market your brokerage. Learn more about our partnership opportunities today.

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