6 Tips to Help You Win More Real Estate Listings

A cooling housing market means a smaller inventory of homes for sale and fiercer competition between listing agents. If you want to maintain your market share, it’s more important than ever to make a great impression on home sellers.

Whether you're a fairly new real estate agent or you've been working in the field for a while, now is the time to step up your game. The following tips will help you separate yourself from your competitors and win more listings.

Explain Your Marketing Plan

One of the primary things sellers want to know is how you’re going to make their listing stand out so their home sells quickly and for top dollar. Before your next listing meeting, identify your key marketing strengths. These can include:

  • A large database of potential buyers

  • A solid social media ad strategy

  • Other types of unique marketing strategies

Whatever your strengths, prepare yourself to communicate the details to the seller.

Provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Most sellers will be looking to sell their home for as much as possible, but they may not understand all the factors that go into pricing a home. Bringing a CMA to the listing appointment will show sellers you’re familiar with the neighborhood and you’ve come prepared to win.

You can create a customized CMA by looking at similar homes that have sold in the area. Take into consideration the lot size, square footage, and desirability of the neighborhood. Reviewing the CMA during the listing meeting will also help set client expectations going forward.

Know the Neighborhood

As an agent, it’s important to sell the neighborhood as well as the property itself. If you’re not currently an expert on the area, now is the time to do your homework. Make sure you’re clear on everything from HOA fees to local taxes and school district ratings. Demonstrating that you’re well-versed in the local community will help give you an edge over your competitors.

Share Client Success Stories

There are few things more powerful than a personal recommendation or written testimonial from a satisfied client. Market research shows that 90% of people say they trust what a customer says about a business more than what a business says about itself. When creating your listing presentation, place several testimonials with images and pull quotes in a prominent position.

Practice Your Presentation

Creating a formal presentation in digital or printed format will help you hit all the important points. It also keeps you from getting off track. During your presentation, introduce yourself and your team and discuss your unique value proposition. Then, provide a summary of the local market data, your marketing strategies, and your sales process. If you use professional stagers and/or expert real estate photographers, include some of your previous listings in your presentation — and don’t forget those testimonials!

Ask the Right Questions

While your listing presentation is your opportunity to sell yourself, it’s also the perfect time to ask questions. This will help you understand what your client needs. It’s common to start by asking sellers why they’re selling. Knowing they’re relocating for work, trying to get into a better school district, or looking to downsize will help you develop a rapport with them.

Also, ask the seller what they love the most about their home. This can help you uncover some key selling points that will assist you when it’s time to write the home’s description.

Set Yourself Up for Success in Any Market

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