The Real Estate Agent’s Closing Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect closing gift for your real estate clients? You want to give buyers and sellers a token of appreciation for trusting you with their home, but you don’t want your gift to be immediately forgotten or to be a blatant self-promotional item.

Whether you have a budget of $25 or $250, you’re sure to find a unique gift for your clients in this closing gift guide.   

15 Closing Gift Ideas for Your Real Estate Clients

Here are 15 ideal closing gifts for any budget.

1. A Custom Painting or Sketch of the Home

A perfect closing gift idea for buyers and sellers alike is a custom painting or sketch of their home. Head to Etsy for tons of buying options. You can choose from watercolors, oil paintings, sketches, and even digital renderings based on your clients’ unique style.

2. Garden or Patio Accessories

Did your buyers fall in love with the garden or patio area of their new home? Celebrate that part of the property with some garden or patio accessories.  

3. A Starter Tool Set

You know from your many conversations with your clients if they need a toolset. And many buyers do, especially first-timers. Help them feel like “real homeowners” with this truly useful closing gift.

4. Monogrammed Serving Dishes

Not only will your clients appreciate personalized serving dishes, but they’ll also use those dishes at gatherings for years to come. And every time someone asks where they got the serving dish, they get to talk about you!

5. A Lawn Game

Help your buyers enjoy their new backyard with a fun lawn game like lawn darts, bags, or Bocce Ball.

6. A Video Doorbell

Show your clients you’re up on PropTech innovations by getting them a video doorbell (like the Ring doorbell). Your clients will be able to virtually answer their door via their smartphone from wherever they happen to be. 

7. An Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to cook quick, healthy meals without heating up an oven or nuking their food in a microwave. If your buyers have plans to renovate the kitchen, you can bet they’ll appreciate this thoughtful closing gift!

8. A Framed Piece of the Property

If none of these homeowner gifts feel like the right fit for your sellers, consider pressing flowers or leaves from their old home, mounting them, and framing them. Your sellers will treasure this unique gift long after they sell the home.  

9. A Grill

Grills make a great closing gift for first-time buyers who were never allowed to have a grill on their apartment patios and balconies. Your buyers will immediately have people over for a BBQ where they can tell their friends about the generous real estate agent who got them the grill.

10. A Roomba

Your buyers might not be used to vacuuming so much square footage. So a Roomba can help them keep their new home clean without too much time or effort.

11. Something for the Pet

The way to a pet owner's heart is through their pet. Get a little house or monogrammed bed for the pet to forever endear yourself to your clients.

12. Fancy Bath Towels

Who doesn’t love a big, plush bath towel? They are a perfect way to cap a relaxing bath or shower, and they will look great hanging in your client’s bathroom.

13. A Key Finder System

Do you have a client who’s always running late because they can’t find their keys or wallet? Get them a key finder system (like those made by Esky). Key finder systems allow you to tag the items you lose most often with discrete chips that can be tracked from your smartphone or a system remote.  

14. A New Address Plaque

An address plaque is a quick and easy way for buyers to mark their new home. 

15. A Fancy Coffee Maker

What goes better with a new kitchen than a freshly brewed latte? Your clients will think of you every morning as they use their fancy coffee maker.

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