Promote Your Real Estate Business with These 5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Being a real estate agent means being a small business owner. Marketing your real estate business is a top priority once you get your real estate license. And holidays provide the opportunity to get creative with your marketing efforts. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we wanted to share some festive ways to market your real estate business. Here are five sweet Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for real estate agents.

The Top Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

1. Send Valentine’s Day Cards to Your Sphere

Remember how much fun it was to exchange valentines in grade school? Those inexpensive valentines are a simple, budget-friendly way to let all your clients, prospects, friends, family, and acquaintances know that you’re thinking about them. And these playful cards feel more personal than the corporate cards some companies send out around Valentine’s Day. 

Have some left-over cards? Put them to good use by sending them to your local children’s hospital or retirement homes.

2. Create a Romantic “Viral Giveaway” while Boosting Online Engagement

With platforms like KingSumo, you can run campaigns online to get people to like your page, follow you on social media, and subscribe to your email list in exchange for a chance to win a prize. 

The prize could be something like:

  • Couple’s massages at a local spa

  • Dinner for two at the most romantic restaurant in town

  • Winetasting at a nearby winery

  • A night at a boutique hotel

The more followers and subscribers you have, the greater your reach with all your future marketing campaigns!

3. Give Back to the Community

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show some love to the people in your community who might need it most. Those who are sick, injured, homeless, or lonely could use a little extra boost. Giving to those in need doesn’t just brighten their day and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling; it also strengthens your bond with the community by showing that you are a business owner who cares about the people around you. 

And there are lots of ways to give back! You could:

  • Partner with local homeless shelters to provide an extra special dinner.

  • Host a Valentine’s Day dinner and dance at a local retirement home, complete with a band playing romantic standards. 

  • Send chocolates or conversation hearts to patients at the local hospital.     

  • Sponsor a blood drive.

  • Help local schools pay for a Valentine’s surprise for the kids (like mini cupcakes or heart-shaped cookies).

You could even ask your social media followers to contribute, perhaps offering to match their contributions.

4. Share the Love with Other Local Businesses

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to partner with other local businesses for mutually beneficial marketing campaigns. You could work with a local business on some of the ideas we’ve already mentioned. Maybe a local business would give you a discount on your viral giveaway prize or contribute to your cause when you give back to your community.

Or maybe you could get a discount on Valentine’s Day gifts for your key clients and prospects. Ask your local coffee shop if you could get a discount when you purchase gift cards in bulk. Or contact your local chocolatier to get a bulk rate on Valentine’s Day chocolates. Not only are you patronizing their business, but you’re also promoting their business to your clients! 

5. Create a Love-Themed Social Media Campaign

What do you love about your community? What do you love about your home? You could spend the week leading up to Valentine’s Day posting on social media about everything you love. One day could be recreational opportunities you love in the area. The next could be day trips you love. Then local organizations, boutique shops, local restaurants, cozy home features…there’s just so much to love!

Make sure you ask your followers to comment on the things they love as well to boost engagement. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on the love in your life. Celebrate everyone you love: partners, family, friends, clients, pets…and everything you love: places, hobbies, entertainment, and even your real estate career.

Whichever Valentine’s Day marketing ideas you use, have fun with them and enjoy the day of love!

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