It’s a Good Time to Become a Real Estate Broker in Seattle. Here’s Why.

Have you been thinking about getting into Seattle real estate? You’ve got good timing! 

Seattle is currently experiencing a scorching hot real estate market, with buyers and sellers frantically looking for real estate brokers to handle their purchases and sales. And with self-paced online real estate courses, you could complete your required education for your real estate license in under a month and be ready to take advantage of these historic market conditions. 

Here’s how you know it’s a good time to get into Seattle real estate. 

Healthy Population Growth

Seattle is in demand. Sports fans, dog-lovers, foodies, and coffee connoisseurs are all flocking to this vibrant city. According to US Census Bureau data, Seattle grew by 16,400 residents between July 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020. This 2.2% increase made Seattle the fastest-growing large city in the country for the year.

For real estate professionals, healthy population growth means there’s an influx of new homebuyers. And as the city and its residents continue to prosper, homeowners will be looking to upgrade their living situation, buying more expensive homes through their real estate brokers. 

Dramatic Home Value Increases

As of June 2021, the median sales price in Seattle hit $800,000, up from $575,000 just five years before. This impressive median sales price represents an 8.1% increase over the prior year. And to confirm how in-demand Seattle homes are, 53% of buyers are paying more than the listing price, with the average sales price coming in at 5% more than the list price. 

Not only do these increasing home values confirm the demand for Seattle-area real estate, but they also mean bigger commission checks for Seattle real estate brokers. On a 6% commission, split 50/50 between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent, you could make $24,000 on a single sale at the median $800,000 price.

Washington real estate brokers are among the best-paid agents in the country. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington agents earned an annual mean wage of $70,000 even back in May of 2020. And as home values increase, real estate broker income will increase as well.

You’re in Control

In addition to the growth and value increases specific to Seattle, there are several other benefits of being a real estate broker, regardless of your market.

As a real estate broker:

  • Hours are flexible. You have the freedom to take off as needed and work around your existing obligations.

  • It’s comparatively easy to get licensed. You won’t need to pay a fortune for a college degree or spend years studying to break into the industry. Getting a real estate license is affordable and takes only a couple of months. 

  • You’re in control. You decide how you’ll run your business. You will have a broker to guide you, but you won’t have to report to a boss.

  • You have unlimited income potential. The mean wage may be $70,000, but your income could be substantially higher, depending on how much time and effort you want to invest. Agents in the top 90th percentile are earning over $120,000 each year.  

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

The 2020s have started exceptionally strong for Seattle-area real estate brokers. And it’s not too late to capitalize on the strength of this market. If you have been thinking about getting your Washington real estate license, now is the time. 

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So don’t wait to start your new career in Seattle real estate. Enroll in your Washington real estate course today and start taking advantage of these exciting market conditions!

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