How Often to Renew Your Texas Real Estate License

Renewing your Texas Real Estate License

Are you a newly licensed Texas real estate agent wondering when you need to renew your license? Or maybe you’re taking pre-licensecourses to get your first real estate license and want to know how long it will be good for. Either way, we’ve got answers for you!

How Long Your Texas Real Estate License is Good For

Your real estate license is good for two years in Texas. Brokers and salespersons alike have to go through the license renewal process every two years.

Timely renewal is required to maintain an active Texas real estate license and to continue working as an agent or broker. Even an inactive license must be renewed every two years.

Two years is a good timeframe. It’s long enough to keep the process from being much of a hassle, but short enough to allow the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to confirm that agents remain up-to-date on changing industry conditions through ongoing education.

Education Requirements for Renewing Your Real Estate License

Ongoing education is an important part of the real estate license renewal process. These courses give agents a chance to expand their knowledge of the ever-evolving industry, learn new skills, and get updates on changes in real estate law.

The education requirements depend on whether this is your first renewal period or a subsequent renewal period.

During your first renewal period, you’ll need to meet the Sales Apprentice Education (SAE) requirements. And for all renewal periods after your first renewal, you’ll need to meet the Continuing Education (CE) requirements.

SAE Requirements

Your SAE requirements consist of 98 credit hours (online or on-campus), including:

  • Legal Update I

  • Legal Update II

  • Three 30-hour SAE electives (including a Broker’s Responsibilities course for Brokers)

Unfortunately, AceableAgent doesn’t offer an SAE course package (yet!). But you can find a qualified real estate school on the TREC website.

CE Requirements

Your CE requirements consist of 18 credit hours, including:

  • Legal Update I

  • Legal Update II

  • Ten hours of SAE electives (including a Broker’s Responsibilities course for brokers and supervisors)

AceableAgent offers a complete CE package you can do entirely online! AceableAgent will even transfer your course completion confirmation to TREC for you.

But don’t wait until the last minute! To make sure TREC has enough time to process your education confirmation before processing your renewal, you should complete your education requirements at least 10 days before your real estate license expires.

Cost of Renewing Your Real Estate License

As long as you file your renewal paperwork on time, the real estate license renewal fee is just $110 for a sales agent or $217 for a broker.

Renew on Time to Avoid Late Fees

It is imperative that you renew on time. Failure to do so will cost you! If you miss your renewal date, you can pay a $200 deferral fee to buy an additional 60 days to complete your continuing education. Your other option is to enter an “inactive” status. You can renew from inactive status, but you cannot practice real estate while in inactive status, so your business would be on hold.

You have up to six months to complete the renewal process after your license expires. After that 6 months, you can apply for reinstatement of your license (at a current cost of $190 for sales agents and $290 for brokers) for up to two years. If you allow your real estate license to remain expired for two years, you will need to retake the state real estate exam and reapply for your real estate license.

To recap, here are the steps required to complete the real estate license renewal process:

  1. Complete your education requirements well before your renewal date.

  2. Wait 10 days to give TREC enough time to process the completion of your education.

  3. Apply for your renewal (you can apply for your renewal online as early as 90 days before your real estate license is scheduled to expire).

Don’t put this off! Sign up for your CE courses today!

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