How Much Does the Pennsylvania Salesperson Exam Cost?

Pennsylvania salesperson exam cost

Paying for your Pennsylvania real estate salesperson exam should be fairly straightforward, right? 

Well, not exactly. There are steps that you must take to qualify to take the exam, and some of these require payment as well. 

There are pre-license real estate courses the state requires. There are application fees, processing fees, and exam fees.

We’re going to breakdown the costs for you so you will know exactly what payments to expect for your Pennsylvania salesperson exam and your licensure process. 

Cost to Get Your Real Estate Salesperson License in Pennsylvania

Cost #1 - Pre License education courses

Cost #2 - Salesperson Exam fee

Cost #3 - Background Check

Cost #4 - Salesperson Application and License Fees

While these costs seem to pile up when you are first getting your license, it’s important to keep the long-term gains from a career as a real estate salesperson in Pennsylvania in mind. 

Cost #1 - Pre License education courses ($250-$400)

The first step to getting your Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson license is to enroll in your pre-license education courses. Pennsylvania requires 75 hours of pre-license education in order to be eligible to take the salesperson exam. You must submit a certificate of completion from your pre-license course in order to apply for the exam.

The cost for these courses run anywhere from $250-$400 depending on who you take the courses through.

There are over 70 accredited schools in Pennsylvania to choose from to take these courses. These include private, public, and community colleges. 

You can also choose to take these courses online from the convenience of your own home or wherever you work best. Online courses generally save the student time, money, and the frustration of not being able to work at their own pace.

While deciding on the right real estate school for you, be sure to look into:

  • Salesperson exam pass rates: If the school has a high pass rate for previous students, then you know they are teaching the material that is on the exam and you too will have a likely chance of passing.

  • Access to the course materials: If all the course materials are only available in hardcopy, you will have to be physically present to study. If they offer course materials online or electronic copies, you will be able to study wherever you go.

  • Student support: If a school provides extra support and has real licensed professionals available to answer questions and help you understand the career, you will most likely understand the material better.

  • Price: If the school has a high price, hold it to a high standard. If they are more affordable, make sure they provide adequate services.

Whatever choice you make for your pre-license courses, be sure to choose what will work best for your schedule and learning style. 

Cost #2 - Salesperson Exam fee ($54)

Once you complete your pre-license courses, it’s time to schedule your salesperson exam appointment. 

Pennsylvania contracts with a company called PSI for their real estate exams. Visit their website in order to sign up for the exam. There are 10 different testing centers in Pennsylvania where you can go to take your exam.

The exam is split up into 2 sections: a national exam and a state exam. The national exam consists of 80 questions (60 or higher is a passing score) and the state exam consists of 30 questions (23 or higher is passing). 

The current price to take the salesperson real estate exam in Pennsylvania is $54. This cost covers both the national and the state portions of the exam.

Keep in mind if you do not pass the first time, then you will have to pay this fee all over again. That’s why choosing the best pre-license courses are so important. The higher the salesperson exam pass rates are, the more likely you will succeed on your first try.

Cost #3 - Background Check ($20)

After you take your exam and before you apply for your real estate salesperson license you must complete a background check. You must complete a criminal background check for every state you have resided in for the five years before the date of your salesperson license application.

For Pennsylvania, you can visit the PATCH website to complete your background check.

The current cost of a background check in Pennsylvania is $20. 

Cost #4 - Salesperson Application and License Fees ($107)

Once your exam and background check is complete, you can officially apply for your Pennsylvania real estate salesperson license. 

To start the application process, you will visit the PALs website and create an account. 

The total licensing fee includes:

  • $72 license fee

  • $25 application fee

  • $10 recovery fee

That totals up to $107 for the entire process to obtain your salesperson license. This is the most expensive part of the process because it involves multiple fees. And because, after is all said and done, you will be a licensed Pennsylvania real estate salesperson!

Total Cost of Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson License: Approximately $580

So at the end of the process, you will be out around $580. There will most likely be additional costs on top of that once you begin your career, such as:

  • Marketing material

  • Business cards

  • Dues for real estate associations

  • Multiple listing service fees

  • Continuing education

  • Technology

Is a Career in Real Estate Worth the Cost?

Getting into real estate is a long term investment. Real estate is different from many other careers in that agents are typically not employees; they are independent contractors. This means you will probably work on commission instead of receiving a predetermined salary. You will probably have to pay for your own insurance and fund your own retirement. And you will need to cover your own business expenses.

But, if you are determined enough to get your license, stay financially smart, and keep working hard, your real estate career will definitely be worth it.

One of the best parts of a career in real estate is that you have virtually unlimited potential to earn your income. 

If you can sell a lot of real estate and keep up your customer service, you can potentially make up to six figures!

Very few professions allow you to make as much money as a career in real estate with so little money invested upfront!

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