How to Complete Your Texas Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements Quickly and Easily

Before you can renew your Texas real estate license, you’ll need to complete the state-mandated real estate continuing education (CE) requirements.

Real estate continuing education courses give agents and brokers a chance to revisit some cornerstones of real estate practices, get updates on changes in real estate law, and learn new skills. But when you’re a busy real estate professional, time is at a premium. So it’s important to find a way to quickly and easily meet your CE requirements. 

In this post, we’ll look at tips for completing your Texas real estate continuing education requirements without interfering with the day-to-day operations of your real estate business. But first, a few basics.

What is the Texas Sales Apprentice Education (SAE) Program?

The Texas SAE program is a continuing education requirement for all Texas real estate agents who are renewing their licenses for the first time.

The required SAE courses include:

  • Eight hours of legal update courses

  • 90 hours of TREC-approved elective courses

  • A six-hour course on broker responsibility (if you have been made a supervisor by your broker for six months or more) 

Since your real estate license term is two years, these courses will need to be completed within two years of receiving your original real estate license. 

How Long Do the Texas SAE Courses Take?

You could complete all 98 hours of required Texas SAE in under two weeks if you dedicated eight hours each day to your courses (not including the broker responsibility course). But can you imagine the interruption to your business? When would you prospect, show homes, or hold listing appointments? 

Instead, give yourself plenty of time so you don’t need to spend more than an hour each day on coursework. If you do an hour each day on a five-day workweek, it will take you 20 weeks to complete 90 hours. 

What is the Texas Real Estate Continuing Education Requirement for Subsequent Renewals?

After your first real estate license renewal, you’ll still need to complete CE courses every two years, but on a far less intense schedule. You’ll just need 18 hours of approved CE courses, which includes eight hours of legal updates and 10 hours of electives.

Tips for Completing Your Texas Real Estate CE Quickly and Easily

Here are five ways to meet your Texas CE requirements quickly and easily.

  1. Choose an online real estate school with easy access to course materials. Are you really planning to carry textbooks around with you for months? It’s so much easier to get your hours in when you can access your coursework from your laptop, tablet, or phone! 

  2. Start early. As mentioned, at one hour per weekday, it will take you 20 weeks to complete 90 hours. And you have to submit your completion documents to TREC at least 10 days before renewing your license. So don’t wait to enroll in your Texas SAE courses.

  3. Build study time into your daily schedule. The easiest way to get your hours in is to commit a specific time each day to your coursework. Maybe you get up an hour earlier to study. Or designate the first hour of your workday to your SAE courses. Maybe you do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening. Choose a time that works for you, and stick with it.

  4. Choose courses that interest you. Some courses (like the legal updates) are required, but some are elective. By choosing the electives that interest you, you’ll be more easily motivated to get your hour in each day. AceableAgent offers a pre-packaged SAE course bundle that includes some of the most popular topics: sales and marketing, property management, and real estate investment.

  5. Never stop learning. Continuing education courses aren’t the only way for real estate agents to stay sharp year after year. One of the best ways to make sure CE always fits into your schedule is to continue dedicating an hour each day to learning once your CE is complete. Listen to a podcast, read a book, do some online training...then, when it’s time to enroll in your next CE courses, you’ll have no problem fitting them in.

Don’t put off your Texas real estate continuing education requirements. Enroll in your SAE courses early so you can enjoy your studies!

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