Coldwell Banker Uses Alexa to Connect With Agents

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to continue on its path of becoming the new normal. Few industries are as heavily impacted by IoT as real estate. So it’s no surprise, Coldwell Banker recently leveraged the Alexa platform to deliver market information to real estate agents and brokers in a whole new way. This is just one way the real estate industry is adapting to Millennials in real estate , be they buyers, sellers, or agents!

Getting Your Real Estate News Feed From Alexa

If you’re like many homeowners that have invested in smart technology, then you may already be using Amazon Alexa. It’s the Internet-connected brain that’s built into Amazon’s voice-activated products, most notably the Echo smart speaker.

Alexa device in a home

More and more businesses are looking for ways to utilize this new technology, and Coldwell Banker thinks it’s found a foothold. The real estate franchise often surveys people within the industry to keep a finger on the pulse of upcoming trends. One of their latest surveys found that 79% of respondents are interested in using smart speakers like the Amazon Echo.

Coldwell Banker saw this growing trend as an opportunity to engage with real estate professionals. Many within the industry are early adopters of new technology, like voice-enabled smart home devices. Anything that helps agents and brokers stay on top of the latest information is seen as a welcome addition to their toolkit.

As it so happens, earlier this year Amazon opened a hub for developers to create what it calls “skills”, which are essentially voice-activated apps that work with Alexa. And Coldwell Banker was among the first to jump onboard.

At the start of this month Coldwell Banker announced the launch of a skill for real estate agents and brokers. The Coldwell Banker Gen Blue News Skill brings industry information to professionals via smart speakers. It’s one of the first skills built specifically for people working within real estate.

A Coldwell Banker House

This is actually the second skill Coldwell Banker has released on the Alexa platform. The first skill released just a few months ago (Coldwell Banker Home of the Week Skill) gives users an in-depth audio description of exclusive listings.

Coldwell Banker is hoping the new skill will attract techie agents that want industry trends and news on the go. However, only time will tell if there’s enough interest to prompt the development of more skills.

Specifics of the Coldwell Banker Gen Blue News Skill

If voice-activated information sounds interesting there’s a few things to note in order to take advantage of this new technology.

  • For starters, you’ll need an Alexa-enabled device (Echo or Echo Dot).
  • The Coldwell Banker Gen Blue News Skill is listed under the Business & Finance category in the Alexa Skills Store.
  • Once you have your device set up, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, open Gen Blue News,” and Alexa will respond.
  • The content extends beyond the Coldwell Banker brand. Coldwell Banker is teaming up with other industry heavyweights like Brad Inman, the founder of Inman News, to touch on topics that affect the whole industry.

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