Real Estate Schools in Houston, Texas 2023

Aceable offers our Houston, Texas students real estate classes created by seasoned real estate professionals and Harvard-educated designers.

Looking for a real estate school in Houston? We can help!

There are many choices for real estate in Houston that are providing the real estate education experience you need to help you pass your Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) exam and earn your Texas real estate license.

But which school is the right fit for you? Here are three real estate schools in Houston and what they have to offer.

Online Real Estate Schools in Houston

Today, we're going to highlight the following information:

TREC Exam Pass Rates: Did you know that only 59% of test-takers (28,955 passed/ 47,111 taken) pass the TREC exam as of January 4, 2023? That’s a bit nerve-racking, considering that the whole point of your real estate education is to pass this test and launch a successful real estate career! See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates

Features & Benefits: Based on each real estate schools' websites, we're taking a look at their current information and course offerings. (Note: Websites are reviewed and updated by our team every other month and information is subject to change.)

Aceable (#701048)

Aceable offers our Houston, Texas students real estate classes that were created by seasoned real estate professionals and Harvard-educated instructional designers, working with professional writers to give our students the best possible course experience.

Aceable, a mobile-first platform, has been built on cutting-edge tech and modern methods of instruction.

Real Estate Courses in Houston

Aceable offers innovative and engaging coursework to their real estate students in Houston.

Perhaps the most notable coursework distinction, Aceable courses are all designed to work with your phone or tablet! You don’t have to limit yourself to your home computer or laptop. You can further your real estate education anytime, from anywhere!

We also offer innovative workshops! Some subjects, like contracts and real estate math, are best learned through experience. If you want to practice running real estate calculations and drafting real estate contracts (just like you’ll do as a licensed agent), these workshops are the perfect way for you to get some hands-on training.

But being so tech-savvy doesn’t mean we don’t have a personal touch. We have real estate experts available 7 days/week to personally answer any questions you have about the course material. And in the unlikely event that you run into a technical problem, our fast and friendly tech support is available via phone, email, chat, and even social media.

You should also know that our pre-license courses all come complete with exam prep to give you everything you need to pass the TREC exam. We even include exam proctoring (a $90 value) totally free.

Course Features

As of October 2021, Aceable is offering our Texas Essentials Package which includes your pre-license course bundle, lite real estate exam prep, fully narrated courses, and instructor support from real estate experts.

This package includes your pre-license course bundle, lite real estate exam prep, fully narrated courses, and instructor support from real estate experts.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Aceable’s Students:

The current average pass rate for TREC exam pass test takers is only 59%. Aceable's current pass rate for the Texas real estate exam is 74% (7,479 passed / 10,055 taken). TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Colibri Real Estate (#4727)

Colibri Real Estate, formerly known as Real Estate Express, is a well-known online real estate school in Houston. Their sister school, McKissock Learning, offers licensing courses in everything from appraisal to home inspection to finance.

Colibri Real Estate offers a full menu of real estate courses Houston can choose for licensing and continuing education at an affordable price.

Colibri Real Estate in Houston

According to their website, Colibri Real Estate offers both online courses and live stream classes. Their courses can be taken in a structured calendar setting or anytime based on your preference. Their website does recommend taking the course on a PC or laptop, however, as their course exams cannot be accessed by phone or tablet.

Colibri Real Estate Course Features

As of December 6, 2021, the ‘Basics’ package includes instructor support and digital flashcards. For exam prep, you would have to purchase the ‘Exam Preparation' package which includes exam prep and a pass or don't pay guarantee. The ‘Exam Preparation Plus' package includes a real estate dictionary and a Q&A with instructors.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Colibri Real Estate’s Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Colibri Real Estate’s students is currently at 57% (1,179 passed / 2,080 taken). TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Champions School of Real Estate (#4530)

Established in 1983, Champions School of Real Estate is the longest-standing real estate school on our list.

Champions is known for their on-campus courses and has a reputation for hiring knowledgeable and helpful instructors for this face-to-face teaching method.

Champions Houston Real Estate Courses

The instructors have consistently done a great job of presenting the course material in their on-campus classes over the years. There are 3 campuses in Houston: North Campus, West Campus, and Galleria Campus (on West Loop South). In addition to weekday classes, weekend and evening classes are also available.

If you learn best from in-person instruction, Champions may be a good fit for you. In June 2021, they released their own 100% online course that can be taken on your phone or computer via a web browser.

Champions' Course Features

According to their website, the first package they offer is ‘Licensing Program’ that includes features such as a state exam prep course and free prep retakes for one year. The next package called ‘Licensing Program + Business Etiquette’ adds a 2-day business etiquette course.

TREC Exam Pass Rate for Champions’ Students:

The TREC exam pass rate for Champions’ students is currently at 55% (13,506 passed / 24,464 taken). TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates.

Real Estate Classes Houston

In the end, you want to choose a real estate school in Houston that is the best fit for you. You’re investing your time and money in your real estate education so you can pass your real estate exam, get your real estate license, and launch a successful career.

If you want to get started with your real estate education today, sign up with Aceable! Start your real estate career today by making Aceable your education provider of choice!

TREC state exam pass rate data as of January 4, 2023.