What is ARELLO in Texas?

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ARELLO, the Association for Real Estate License Law Officials, was founded in 1930 to facilitate conversation and cooperation between regulators and policy makers in the real estate industry. It is a leading training organization comprised of real estate regulators from around the world that govern real estate practices and enforce real estate laws.

When you see the ARELLO seal of approval on a real estate course like AceableAgent, you can have confidence in the course's legitimacy and quality, as it had to undergo a long process to meet ARELLO's high standards. ARELLO aims to promote better administration and enforcement of licensing and regulatory laws in member jurisdictions (members represent continents around the world, but the state of Texas, for example, is a member), and to equip its members with adequate resources to fulfill their roles.

Arello certification

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Members have a plethora of benefits including exclusive online resources, a member directory with contact information to hundreds of individuals, an online database of real estate court decisions, an annual informational survey, and a licensee verification database used by both regulators and the public to verify the status of real estate licensees.

Here are some more details on ARELLO's great resources and programs:

1. Digest of Real Estate License Laws and Current Issues

Get instant access to a compilation of reports over the years, subscribe online, or buy a print copy. It charts things like licensing requirements, agency practices and other important policies.

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2. Disciplinary Action Data Bank

Only available for viewing by regulators to assist in evaluating the honesty and competency of a real estate licensing agency. States/ provinces and territories can access the names of all license applicants through the database to ensure that the individuals have not been the subject of any disciplinary action.

3. Examination Accreditation

An independent review and evaluation of a course’s licensing examination and the program’s methodology in developing and maintaining it. The state of Texas utilizes the Examination Accreditation Program, meaning programs under its jurisdiction must comply with the ARELLO Guidelines for Accreditation. An ARELLO Accreditation is an important factor in the validity and legal defensibility of a program’s examination.

4. License Status Verification

An instant report on the status of an individual’s real estate license. This data is current (submitted daily by jurisdiction) so that consumers and regulators can access up-to-date information. So, yeah, you can creep on your real estate agent.

5. News Outlet

A pretty great list of news related to real estate in one place. It’s a great starting point to stay informed on the industry.