How do I check if my credits have been reported to TREC?

Learn how to check your whether your credits have been reported to TREC
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How do I check if my credits have been reported to TREC?

  1. Head over to TREC’s website and type in your real estate license number. Their “License Holder Search” is available on their homepage and here.

  2. Once you’ve successfully looked yourself up, click on your name.

  3. Scroll down to “Real Estate Education History” for your public record. Your education history begins with the most recent course you’ve completed. You should see Aceable Agent listed within 24 hours of your completion.

When will my course credits be reported to TREC?

As soon as you’ve passed your final exam for an individual continuing education course, we report your course credit for that course to TREC’s website within 24 hours.

You can check on your credits on TREC’s website.

Pre-License Courses

AceableAgent will automatically send you a certificate after you complete each course. You will then be responsible for turning your completion certificates into TREC after completing all 6 pre-license courses.