What Courses Are Required to Get a Tennessee Real Estate License?

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Are you ready to become a real estate agent in Tennessee? Get ready to go back to the classroom. In Tennessee, you will need to take classes before you can get your license as well as additional coursework before you can renew your license. To get a real estate license in Tennessee, you will need to meet several requirements. For your affiliate broker license or a broker license, the state requires that you have:

  1. graduated high school
  2. completed eligibility verification
  3. submitted your fingerprints
  4. passed an exam

However, you will also need to take certain coursework.

Courses Required to get and keep a Tenessee Real Estate License

Affiliate Brokers & Real Estate Principles - 90 hours

The Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) wants everyone to take specific classes before they get their affiliate broker license. This includes a New Affiliates class weighted at 30 hours and the 60-hour Real Estate Principles class. Taking these courses online with Aceable also gives you access to exam prep and study support. After you get your license, you will need to take continuing education (CE) classes before you can renew your license.

To Become a Broker

To become a broker in Tennessee, you will need to take 120 hours of coursework. Within that timeframe, you will need to take a 30-hour Broker Management class. In addition, you also have to complete 120 hours of post-license classes before the third anniversary of your broker licenses as well as complete the CE requirements.

Continuing Education

The courses outlined above are the pre-license requirements for getting a real estate license. However, in the state of Tennessee, your education doesn’t stop there. Both affiliate brokers and brokers have to take additional courses after getting their licenses. There are two components to this requirement: the TREC Core Course and CE electives.

TREC Core Course

The TREC Core Course takes six hours and is available online. It covers all of the basics of practicing real estate brokerage in Tennessee. The class covers TREC laws as well as any policy updates and changes to agency rules. It also encompasses everything from property management and broker supervision to advertising and contracts so you're up to date on the latest advancements in the field.

CE Electives

Your continuing education electives need to include 10 hours of coursework. This can be broken up in different classes and can cover a broad range of topics. It's a good idea to take classes that interest you and will help with your career. For instance, you could take Introduction to Real Estate Investments, a six-hour course, or Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model, a four-hour class.

Real Estate Exam Prep

Many people who are studying for a real estate exam also like to take exam prep courses (though they're not a requirement). While you can get books on the subject, classes can make the process easier. Whether you choose online courses or an in-person class, exam prep should be on your list when you consider which courses you should take to get a Tennessee real estate license.

Published September 24, 2020