Can You Become a New York Real Estate Agent Without a High School Diploma?

Do you need a high school diploma or GED to get a real estate license in New York? Keep reading to find out what education is required.
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There are very few professions where you can earn a six-figure salary without a college degree or software engineering expertise. There are even fewer high-income professions that don’t even require a high school diploma - unless you’re a former Disney kid.

Believe it or not, being a New York real estate agent is a part of the latter group.

No GED, No Problem...Sort of!

No GED, no high school diploma - no problem...sort of! That’s the stance of the New York Department of State’s Division of Licensing Services. The Division is tasked with overseeing the licensure of 35 professions, including real estate brokers and agents.

The Division of Licensing Services ensures that real estate license applicants have met all requirements, and having your high school diploma when you take the licensing exam is one of them. You don't actually need your high school diploma to start your real estate courses, you just need to have it by the time you finish them.

But . . . You Will Need to Take a Few Real Estate Courses and Exams

However, like other states, becoming a New York real estate agent does require a little extra education. All hopeful agents must complete a 75-hour salesperson qualifying education course.

You can take the course online or in-person, but the classes have to be approved by the Secretary of State. Many people prefer the online option since you can work at your own pace. The course will include topics like:

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Law of Agency
  • Fair Housing
  • Valuation Processes
  • Tax Assessments
  • Commercial Properties

Once you’ve got the classes out of the way you’ll also have to pass a few exams. First, you’ll have to pass a school administered exam. This is given by your real estate course provider. Don’t worry. You’ll have three chances to pass and all you need is a 65% or higher.

After you pass the school administered exam you can then schedule a time to take the state licensing exam. It’s a pass/fail test and anything over 70% is considered passing.

If you didn’t get a GED or high school diploma but don’t mind taking a few courses and exams, then real estate might be the profession for you!

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