Which Type of Real Estate Agent Should You Be?

When you start a career in real estate, you can find a variety of niche markets to operate in. Learn which type is best for your career.

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Rookie real estate agents are happy to buy or sell anything. But as you get experience under your belt, you’ll come to find that having a specialization can be a serious business booster. There are many types of real estate agents, but which type are you?

The Luxury Home Listing Agent

Luxury home sales require a certain level of finesse and customer service that comes with a high price tag. Luxury home listing agents know how to cater to high-end clients and properly evaluate a one-of-a-kind property.

The Condo Expert

Young professionals and empty-nesters both gravitate towards the simplified lifestyle a condo affords. For others, it’s the affordability that makes condo living so appealing. Agents that specialize in condo sales are able to help clients understand their property rights and the steps needed to close a transaction in a multi-unit building.

Luxury real estate

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The Leasing Specialist

The commission may not as good as a home sale, but leasing agents can have a lucrative career in many markets. Right now more households are renting than they have in the last 50 years. As long as the population continues to grow and the pace of building remains low leasing agents will be in demand.

All-Business Real Estate Agents

If you like wheeling and dealing then commercial real estate could be your niche. Forget everything you know about residential real estate. Commercial real estate cost analysis is more complex, but you don’t have as many emotions to deal with. Agents that love number crunching and analyzing local zoning regulations may want to consider the commercial career path.

Agents That Sell Acreage

Out in farm country, people may live a simpler life, but the real estate transactions can have a lot of caveats. For starters, USDA loans may be an option out in rural areas where farmers and large land sales are more common. There are also special federal and tax assessment programs involved with farm sales. It’s a job that’s made for real land lovers who can build a reputation and connect with like-minded clients.

Agent selling acreage

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The Green Realtor

As more homes are equipped with energy-efficient features, agents that know their true impact will attract a segment of buyers and sellers. Agents that earn the NAR green designation are on the right path to establishing themselves as an eco-friendly agent.

VA/Military Relocation Specialist

These are areas like Air Force Bases where thousands of military members and their families live. Agents that decide to serve our country’s service members will specialize in relocation since military families are always on the move. They must also be well-versed in VA loan procedures.