A Week In the Life Of A Real Estate Agent

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Real Estate Agent? Check out this weekly schedule and see what it is like!

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No two weeks are alike for a realtor - that’s part of the fun! Real estate agents also benefit from being able to make their own schedule to create a better work/life balance.

But that means your schedule changes from week-to-week, and you have to be able to adapt on the fly to fit things in last minute when needed. If you’re new to the real estate game and want a better idea of what your schedule could look like once you start juggling a few clients, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Below is an example of the weekly schedule you can expect as an active real estate agent.


9am Lead Generation

An agent’s businesses relies on lead gen. You’ll notice that it shows up throughout the week.

10am Home tour of the Northwest Area

Got to keep up with what’s on the market, and it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with new neighborhoods.

12pm Lunch with Broker

Your broker can be an invaluable mentor. Make sure to set aside time to meet one-on-one regularly.

2pm Get comps and paperwork together for listing interview at 111 Sellingit St.

A lot goes into listing a home even before you land the client. Prep before listing interviews is crucial.

5pm Listing interview at 111 Sellingit St.

Time to sell your services so you can sell that house!


9am Dentist appointment

11am Review HUD-1 Statement for Thursday close and touch base with client

One of the last steps before the close is making sure everything is accurate on the HUD-1 Statement and your clients have everything they need.

2pm Running errands

4pm Little Ashley’s soccer match


9am Lead generation

11am Meet with the Inspector at 123 Nuevo Casa Ave.

After executing a contract, there’s a lot the buyer agent has to get lined up in a short amount of time. The inspection is the biggest to-do during the option period.

2pm Pick up signs and supplies for weekend open house

4pm House showing with the Starter Home Family

Got to show it before you can sell it!


9am Lead generation

10am House/neighborhood scouting for out-of-town buyer client

Sometimes the agent has to do the legwork for their client, especially when they aren’t in town.

12pm Closing on 3000 Gotit Lane Property

While the agent doesn’t have to be present at the close, it’s always best to be there just in case something is needed last minute. Plus, it’s a momentous occasion for your clients!

2pm Review inspection report for Nuevo Casa Ave.

Because time is of the essence, documents like the inspection report need to be reviewed ASAP.

4pm Submit repair request amendment for 123 Nuevo Casa Ave.

You also need to get amendments in quickly if items need to be negotiated.

5pm Create a pre-listing checklist for 111 Sellingit St.

Nailed that listing interview! Now you’ve got to start getting the home (and sellers) ready for market.


9am Lead generation

10am Line up professional photography and make-ready services for 111 Sellingit St.

12pm Lunch with investor client

2pm Continuing education course for Legal Update I

You’ll have to complete 18 hours of continuing education within your first two years to stay active.

6pm Two more house showings in Kiddo Neighborhood with the Starter Home Family

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11am Set up for open house

12-3pm Open house at Buynow Blvd.

Many new agents hold open houses for realtors at their brokerage if they don’t have a listing of their own.

5pm House showing at Sky’s the Limit Condominiums with Mr. Big Money


11am Set up for open house

12-3pm Open house at Buynow Blvd.