What Is the Colorado DRE?

While working on your Colorado real estate license, you have probably come across the acronym DRE. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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As you go through the Colorado real estate licensing process, you come across the acronym “DRE.” That stands for the Colorado Division of Real Estate. Here’s a closer look at what the DRE does and why it’s important for real estate professionals in Colorado.

What Does the DRE Do?

The DRE licenses, regulates, and enforces licensing rules for different real estate professionals. As a part of Colorado’s Division of Regulatory Agencies, it oversees:

  • Brokers
  • Appraisers
  • Appraisal management companies
  • Mortgage loan originators and loan companies
  • Subdivision developers

Unlike many other states, in Colorado, you do not see different courses for brokers and salespeople. That's because all salespeople are brokers in Colorado and everyone takes the same mandatory 168 hours of pre-licensing training.

After you complete your education and pass your exam, you can use the DRE’s e-license portal to apply for your license. You will need proof of education and exam completion, and the state does a background check.

What Else the DRE Offers

The DRE is also a great place to find more information about changing regulations. You can look up the latest regulation changes and the dates they passed. If you want to brush up on some real estate subjects, you may also access the Colorado real estate manual through the DRE website. You can download it and study whatever chapter you may need to review at any time.

In the real estate field, you will also work with appraisers and mortgage loan originators. The DRE site also has information about rules and regulations that apply to these pros as well. And you can even use the licensee look-up tool to check on an another agent to see if he or she has an active license in the state. And if there are any disciplinary actions against them, you can find that information, too.

Another handy section on the DRE website gives you access to state-approved contracts. This section includes listing contracts, sales contracts, disclosure forms, offers and counter offers, and many more documents you might need for a transaction. It’s particularly useful if you do not belong to the Colorado Association of Realtors, which has its own versions of these forms.

You can also use the DRE website to educate buyers who want to buy in a home owners association (HOA). In an HOA, residents agree to abide by certain rules designed to maintain the aesthetics and appeal of the community. However, these rules may feel like restrictions to some. The website offers helpful information about HOA basics that could be a good resource for a buyer who has never lived in one.

The DRE is often seen as the government agency to work with when applying for a license. But every real estate pro should familiarize himself or herself with the website to stay on top of industry happenings and to use the many resources it has.

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