What You Need to Know About Homeownership as a Georgia Resident or Real Estate Agent

Georgia has become one of the most popular states in the country for people to move to! According to the most recent U.S. Census data, Georgia is number five on the list of the most popular states to relocate to. Only Florida, Texas, California, and North Carolina had more incoming residents in 2019 than Georgia. 

Despite the COVID pandemic, Georgia’s local economy is thriving. Unemployment is at an all-time low of 3.1 percent for the fourth quarter of 2021. And job opportunities are growing to accommodate the impressive population growth. With the influx of new people, there is a greater need for more educators, healthcare providers, and transportation workers. 

Whether you’re planning to become a Georgia homeowner, you’re a local real estate professional, or you’re planning to get your Georgia real estate license, here’s what you need to know about homeownership in Georgia.

Pros of Homeownership in Georgia

There are several perks of owning a home in Georgia.

Perhaps the biggest perk is the affordability. Sure, there are expensive neighborhoods scattered throughout the state. But, on the whole, Georgia is hyper-affordable. In fact, Georgia currently ranks number six on the list of more affordable states to live in. Housing is particularly affordable, with a housing cost index of just 71.3 and a median home value of $180,679. Not only do these prices make it easier for Georgians to get on the property ladder, but they also make it easier for real estate agents to help first-time buyers get a home.

Then there are the mild winters. Americans moving from northern states where snow and cold are the norm will appreciate the comfortable winter temps enjoyed across most of Georgia. Even in the dead of winter, daytime highs average over 50 degrees in Atlanta. And snowfall is rare. This makes life a little easier for Georgia homeowners. Your winter heating bills will be reasonable, and you can go years without shoveling your driveway. Real estate agents can promote the comfortable weather on social media and even send mailers to cold-weather residents to entice people to move to Georgia.   

And finally, you have access to any lifestyle you dream of in Georgia! Whether you dream of quaint Southern charm, exciting city life, or relaxing beach vibes, Georgia has it all. 

Cons of Homeownership in Georgia

Of course, it’s not all peachy in Georgia. There are a few potential downsides to consider as well.

First, the hot, humid Georgia summers can be miserable. Now, maybe you don’t mind the heat and humidity. Great! Georgia summers will suit you well. But if you’re coming from a dry climate like California or Western Texas, this weather will hit you like a wet blanket. House hunters and agents should pay close attention to the condition of air conditioners in the homes they tour, as well as the weather sealing around doors and windows. Homeowners should have their A/C serviced each spring to get ready for summer. And you may want to upgrade to energy-efficient windows that keep the hot air out during the summer.

While you’re checking the weather-proofing on doors and windows, don’t forget to consider protection against tropical storms. Georgia might not get as many hurricanes as Florida, but they do get annual tropical cyclones with strong winds. Look for storm doors to protect your doors from the elements and shutters that can close over the windows for added protection against high winds. You may also be required to purchase flood insurance if your home is located in a flood zone

One final consideration is traffic congestion. Much of the state is rural, with wide-open roadways. But if you’re going to live in or around major metro areas like Atlanta, be prepared for some serious traffic if you have to commute to work. Homebuyers can check with their employers to see if remote work on a full-time or part-time basis is possible to reduce the impact of city traffic.

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