What Is the Difference Between the FREC and the DBPR?

As a budding Florida real estate agent, the terms FREC and DBPR might seem familiar to you. While their roles might seem similar, they perform different functions.

A few quick facts will highlight the differences between these two entities.

Key Differences Between Oversight Duties of the FREC and DBPR 

The biggest differences between the FREC and DBR? The FREC only focuses on the real estate industry, while the DBPR acts as a regulator for several industries. These include real estate, veterinarians, and other professionals.

Let's take a closer look at how each operates so you can better understand what you need to do to become a Florida real estate agent.

Everything You Need to Know About the FREC 

1. You Apply for Your Florida Real Estate License With the FREC 

To apply for a Florida real estate license, you would work through the requirements set forth by the FREC. However, the application takes place through the DBPR online portal.

2. Responsibilities of the FREC 

The FREC is tasked with disciplinary action against real estate agents. It also ensures there is an education program that keeps Florida real estate agents relevant to market conditions. The education program covers things like new legislation and regulatory requirements.

The FREC also schedules weekly meetings where the public can provide feedback on regulations or proposals.

3. The FREC Provides a Support Structure for Real Estate Agents 

While the FREC makes sure real estate agents remain compliant, it also ensures training is easily accessible. For instance, it compiles a list of accredited online portals like Aceable where you can take your Florida real estate course online.

4. Why Is the FREC in Place?

The FREC regulates the real estate industry to protect the public. This includes estate agents, brokers, schools, colleges, and training institutes.

Everything You Need to Know About the DBPR

1. The DBPR Issues Your Florida Real Estate Agent License

Once you’ve applied for the license, the DBPR processes the information and issues it.  

2. Responsibilities of the DBPR 

The DBPR ensures that licenses are processed and communicates with members when renewals are due.

3. The DBPR Provides a Support Structure for the FREC

Real estate agents who successfully complete their Florida real estate course will be directed to the DBPR site to apply for their Florida real estate license online. So while the FREC sets up the course material, the DBPR ensures that there is an online framework that allows easy completion of the Florida real estate agent exam — a feature that's been really helpful during the COVID-19 outbreak.

4. Why Is the DBPR in Place? 

The DBPR regulates licensed professionals. It ensures that they remain compliant with the help of the FREC. 

Does the FREC or the DBPR Handle Complaints?

When a client initiates a complaint against a real estate agent or broker, it’s usually referred to the FREC, which then refers it to the DBPR. If the complaint needs to be investigated any further, the DBPR will launch an investigation and notify the real estate agent. While the rules that govern real estate agent conduct are put in place and regulated by the FREC, transgressions are dealt with by the DBPR.

To Wrap It Up 

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