How Many Real Estate Agents in Georgia?

When you’re part of a competitive industry it helps to know how many other people are a part of your profession. If you plan on having a career as a Georgia real estate agent where you’re competing for clients, you’ll want to know how many salespeople and brokers there are in the state. 

Knowing the number of active real estate professionals gives you a good idea of how much competition you’ll be up against and can even help you discover how to stand out amongst your peers. Let’s dive into the latest statistics!

Real Estate Agent Employment Numbers in Georgia

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) gathers data on hundreds of professions across the country. Among them are real estate sales agents and real estate brokers. 

According to BLS estimates, there are around 7,200 licensed real estate agents in Georgia as of May 2020. But that number alone doesn’t provide a lot of context. So, let’s delve into the statistics further to put things in perspective. 

Georgia is in the highest bracket for real estate agent employment, but the state is far from having the most active agents. Before you worry that you’ve got a whole lot of competition, understand that there are only four brackets for real estate employment: 

  • 70 - 530 employed

  • 560 - 1,730 employed

  • 1,760 - 3,400 employed

  • 4,470 - 20,120 employed

There’s a total of 14 states in the highest employment bracket. Not surprisingly, the state's population is a huge factor. More residents typically mean there’s a higher demand for real estate agents that can help people buy and sell homes. 

With just over 10.7 million people, Georgia has the #8 highest state population. Of the top 10 most populated states, nine are in the highest bracket for real estate agent employment (Michigan is the only outlier). 

Georgia has one of the highest employment per thousand rates for the real estate industry as well. But unlike some states, employment is fairly even across the state of Georgia. Even states like California, Texas, and Florida have sizeable areas where there are virtually no agents at all. That means no matter where you live in Georgia there appears to be a healthy level of employment for real estate agents. 

The state of Georgia holds another distinction. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell has long been one of the metropolitan areas with the highest level of real estate agent employment in the country. It’s the result of a booming population and lots of development. 

Across the state, Georgia’s population has increased by more than 1 million people since 2010. That’s a 10.6% jump, and the population is still growing along with the need for housing and commercial growth.  

Before the pandemic, Georgia experienced fantastic economic growth of just below 5% a year. Fortunately, it wasn’t as heavily impacted as other states. As the world recovers in the coming years, economic growth, housing appreciation, and jobs creation is expected to continue in the Peach State. 

What About Real Estate Brokers in Georgia?

Interestingly, Georgia isn’t in the highest bracket for brokers. There are 920 real estate brokers in Georgia, which is a pretty low concentration. If you’re thinking of making the transition from real estate agent to broker, Georgia is a good place to be. 

Why It’s a Great Time to Become a Georgia Real Estate Agent

As we emerge from the pandemic people are rethinking how they work and where they live. More workers will continue working remotely, which means they could potentially live anywhere in the country without needing to find a new job. States like Georgia with housing prices that are below the national average and a low cost of living are prime to see even higher population growth.

Businesses are also taking notice of Georgia’s stable economy and business-friendly environment. Forbes has named Georgia the 6th best state for doing business, and it has one of the most diverse economies in the country. So, there’s a good chance there will also be more in-office employees in Georgia as well. 

In a state that’s growing as fast as Georgia, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for real estate agents to close sales, and that’s always a good thing for people in the industry. 

How to Stand Out Among All the Other Georgia Real Estate Agents

There may be a lot of other real estate agents in Georgia, but they don’t have what you have - you! There are a lot of ways you can make yourself stand out in the crowd. Start by considering these three ideas.

  • Get familiar with proptech. Every day more proptech tools are being released that can give you an edge and make you even more valuable to clients. 

  • Become familiar with green building and energy efficiency features. Across the country, including Georgia, there’s a growing demand for homes that are efficient. 

  • Create an “own a home” packet for renters. In Georgia, 36% of the households are rental units. Many renters want to make the transition to owning a home, but home prices are increasing and some markets are very competitive. Creating an informational packet or online program that walks renters through the steps of purchasing a home and how to save money in the process will really make you stand out. 

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Updated 12/20/21

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