How Many Real Estate Agents in Georgia?

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When you’re part of a competitive industry it helps to know how many other people are a part of your profession. In the case of real estate, most people are curious to know how many agents and brokers there are in the business. 

If you’re a real estate sales agent in Georgia the numbers may surprise you.

Georgia is a Popular Place for Real Estate Agents

The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program has gathered data on more than 800 professions across the country. Among them are real estate sales agents and real estate brokers. 

According to OES estimates, there are around 10,400 licensed real estate agents in Georgia as of May 2018. But that number alone doesn’t provide a lot of context. So let’s delve further into the matter to put things in perspective. 

Having 10,400 agents puts Georgia in the highest bracket of employment. Before you worry that you’ve got a whole lot of competition, understand that there are only four brackets: 

  • 40 - 530
  • 620 - 1,640
  • 1,740 - 3,980
  • 4,040 - 18,480

There’s a total of 13 states in the highest bracket, which is right in line with the other three brackets. Not surprisingly, state population is a huge factor. More residents typically means there are more people needing agents to buy and sell homes. 

With just over 10.5 million people, Georgia is the #8 state in terms of population size. Of the top 10 most populated states, nine are in the highest bracket for real estate agent employment (Michigan is the one outlier). Furthermore, the U.S. Census puts Georgia at #7 for population growth between 2017 and 2018. The state added 106,420 people in that timeframe. As more people move to Georgia and families grow so does the need for housing.

Local economy also plays a role. When things are going well the real estate industry is strong. These are the areas where real estate agents are busy because there’s development, an increase in housing demand and commercial growth. In recent years, Georgia has experienced fantastic economic growth of about 4.5% a year. While things are expected to slow in the coming year, housing appreciation and jobs creation will continue. 

Georgia has one of the highest employment per thousand rates for the real estate industry. But unlike some states, employment is fairly even across the state of Georgia. Even states like California, Texas and Florida have size-able areas where there are virtually no agents at all. That means no matter where you live in Georgia there appears to be a healthy level of employment for real estate agents. 

The state of Georgia holds another distinction. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell is the metropolitan area with the highest level of real estate agent employment in the country. It’s the result of a booming population and lots of development. 

What About Real Estate Brokers in Georgia?

Interestingly, Georgia isn’t in the highest bracket for brokers. There are just 710 real estate brokers in Georgia, which is a pretty low concentration. If you’re thinking of making the transition from real estate agent to broker Georgia is a good place to be. 

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