5 Career Paths You Can Take With a Florida Real Estate License

When most people think ofgetting their real estate licensein Florida, they immediately think of becoming a real estate agent. While that's definitely an option, it's not your only option. A real estate salesperson license can open up many other doors. Read on to learn five potential career paths you can take with a Florida real estate license.

5 Career Paths When You Earn a Florida Real Estate License

1. Real Estate Agent

Of course, one of the things you can do with a real estate license is work as a real estate agent. Real estate agents represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions and often earn a commission of about 1.5% of the sale price after their broker's cut. In most cases, you'll need to work under a licensed broker. A big part of the job will be networking and building your reputation to gain clients on an ongoing basis. 

2. Real Estate Broker

Another option is to become a broker. However, in order to become a real estate broker, you'll need to earn your real estate license first. In addition to being a licensed real estate salesperson, you'll also need:

  • Two years of real estate experience

  • A 72-hour pre-licensing course for brokers

  • A passing score on the Florida Real Estate Broker Exam

As a real estate broker, you can manage your own firm — meaning you don't have to work under anyone else. You also don't have to split your commission with anyone. As a result, brokers often make a 3% commission from a sale they close themselves. You can also hire salespersons to work under you and can earn a percentage of their sales. 

3. Real Estate Investor

Real estate investors buy property or land, maximize their profits, and then sell it. It could involve buying properties to fix and flip, buying them to keep as rental properties, and more. While you don't need a real estate license to be an investor, it can certainly help! Understanding real estate markets and being able to analyze how to maximize your return on investment can help you generate a sizeable amount of passive income

4. Real Estate Developer

Real estate developers need their real estate licenses, and a degree in business, real estate, or finance doesn't hurt. If you want to go this route, you buy land or partner with landowners, strategize what to build on it, build it, and then sell the project to earn a profit. Often, developers will build retail centers, offices, industrial sites, or residential homes. 

5. Real Estate Consultant

Once you've spent some time as a real estate agent, learned the ropes, and built a successful business, you could generate another stream of income by offering consulting services. Real estate consultants often work with commercial real estate investors and help them decide where to build or invest in their local market. 

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