10 Robots That Are Changing Home Maintenance

These days artificial intelligence is everywhere, and nowhere is technology more prevalent than in the home. Smart speakers are making voice commands a normal part of everyday life, smart devices allow us to control lighting, appliances and security equipment from anywhere and now robots are helping with home maintenance.

That last tidbit is music to the ears of most busy homeowners. One of the less glamorous parts of owning a home is the maintenance. But it could soon be a thing of the past - or should we say future.

A number of robots are lining up to take over the home maintenance and chores that you’ve been putting off.

With SpinX You Never Have to Touch the Toilet Again

Arguably the least favorite chore in the house is cleaning the toilets. The SpinX toilet cleaner has your backside. Within 90 seconds SpinX’s brush arms and water jets will have your commode sparkling.

Grillbot Will Clean the Grates

Grillbot improving home maintenance

Grilling out with friends is fun. Cleaning the grill is not so fun. The next time you have a barbeque invite Grillbot, the grill cleaning robot. Let the grill cool down, put Grillbot on the grates and close the lid. In 10-30 minutes you’ll have a clean grill that’s ready for the next round of meat.

iLife V8 Vacuums and Mops Your Floor

Step aside Roomba. The iLife V8 not only roams around your house vacuuming, it also mops the floors for a squeaky clean finish. Plus, you can schedule it for regular cleanings.

To be fair, the latest generation of Roomba cleaners have come a long way from their original release in 2002. Roombas can now sync with your mobile devices, remember dirty spots and hook itself up to the charger.

Move Over Neighborhood Kids, Landroid is Taking Over the Mowing

If yard work isn’t really your thing, you need Landroid. This outdoor robot will mow your lawn on a daily basis so it’s never overgrown. It too can return itself to the battery charger for stress-free lawn maintenance.

Never Weed Again Thanks to Tertill

Tertill is a gardener’s best friend. It’s a solar-powered robot that can identify weeds and pluck them out before they overrun the yard.

Looj Gets Hard to Reach Gutters Clean

Gutters help funnel water away from your house, but they need regular cleaning or they’ll become more of a problem than a solution. With the Looj robotic gutter cleaner you don’t have to scale a ladder to clear out the debris. All you have to do is push a button and Looj’s augers will dislodge the gutter gunk.

Get Your Very Own Personal Assistant: Kuri, Lynx, Aeolus Robot and Walker

Robotics engineers are putting a lot of focus on household robot assistants that can do a number of tasks around the home. There are countless robots in development, and word on the street is Amazon is working on its own robot .

Household Robot Assistant

Kuri is one of the most advanced, consumer-ready home assistant robots. It can learn the layout of your home and provide advanced home security.

Lynx is the household robot for people that use Alexa voice assistant. It has Alexa built in giving Lynx the ability to control smart home devices and answer questions about home improvement projects.

But Aeolus Robot and Walker are even more promising. For starters, Walker has legs and can get up stairs. Pretty important if you own a two-story home. Aeolus Robot is the supreme household robot assistant. It’s equipped with arms so it can pick up after family members, clean the floors and even get you a beer after a long day of work.

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