Austin Institute of Real Estate Reviews

When you want to get your real estate license, you’ll begin your search for both in person and online real estate schools. Among them will be our course, AceableAgent. Our online real estate school is flexible, up-to-date, and dedicated to providing fresh content in a fast way. But we aren’t the only school to choose from.

The Real Estate Business School, formerly known as Austin Institute of Real Estate, is a tried and true institution that has earned its spot among credible online real estate schools. But with its dual learning techniques, could this the most beneficial way to learn about real estate and get your license?

Let’s take a look at how their course breakdown compares to our own.

Online Real Estate Course Overviews

AceableAgent Course Overview:

AceableAgent is the most accessible online real estate school in Texas. We are the only mobile-first course certified by TREC. That means our primary focus is to make sure that getting your real estate license is as seamless and effortless as possible, starting with fitting it into your schedule. Our flexibility among devices makes it easy to squeeze in coursework time whenever, and wherever is best for you. Rest assured, we understand how busy life can get and the last thing we want is for you to feel tied down to a certain time or place when working towards getting your license.

The Real Estate Business School Course Overview:

Formerly known as Austin Institute of Real Estate, this real estate school has been around for quite some time (since 1989, to be exact!). Students have the option to take their courses fully online, or split it between online and in-classroom. This could be a beneficial way to take your real estate course, depending on your schedule and learning style. However, the emphasis for this school seems to be on the classroom-based learning, which means that students could feel like they’re missing out if they choose the online only path.

Online Real Estate School Pricing

AceableAgent Pricing:

Here at AceableAgent, we strive to be an affordable online real estate school that provides the most value. Because how can you enjoy your journey to becoming a real estate agent if you have to worry about a steep price that comes with it? Our course is currently on sale for $497, regularly $677. With the amount of valuable tools that come along with our course, that sale price is hard to beat.

Here’s what you get with our Get Started package:

180-hour pre-license course pack Unlimited exam prep Instructor support Pre-license mobile app

Price: $497

The Real Estate Business School Pricing:

While this real estate school offers both online and in-classroom learning options, each course style is going to cost you the same price. The starter package has a price tag of $650 whether you choose online only, or half online and half in-person.

Here’s what you get with the 7 Course Starter Package:

180-hour course pack Downloadable PDF Textbooks available for purchase

Price: $650

Online Real Estate School Customer Service

AceableAgent Customer Service:

When you’re embarking on a new journey, like getting your real estate license, it’s important that you feel supported every step of the way. That’s why our Student Concierge team is available seven days of the week to answer any questions that may come up. Whether you want to access our team by the phone, email or on chat, our customer support will help you out and get you back on track in no time. Problem solved!

The Real Estate Business School Customer Service:

The Real Estate Business School has both a national and a local office number, but contacting them through the phone can only happen during regular business hours and limited after hours. There is also a contact form and a general email on their website that can be used for non-urgent matters. With this limited form of contact, some students say that getting a hold of someone from the school has been difficult. As a student, feeling supported and heard is valuable. The last thing you want is to have unanswered questions that leave you feeling confused and unsure of what to do next.

So there you have it. While there are pros to each of these courses, we think ours is a valuable option if you’re looking for an online course. Given this information, we hope you consider AceableAgent as your online real estate school of choice!