Online Real Estate School vs. In Class

For most Millennials and all of Generation Z the concept of not being able to learn online is inconceivable. Those youngsters have always had the option of learning online or in a classroom.

The Internet has been a real game-changer in the real estate industry. In a field that requires pre-licensing courses and continuing education, many agents find that online real estate school is the better option. Here’s why.

Coursework That Fits Your Schedule

Real estate agents are independent individuals - that’s part of the reason they chose the profession they’re in. They like having control over their schedule and being able to run their own business when and how they want. Scheduled classroom courses kind of work against those two things.

With online education, agents can knock out courses when they want and where they want. It gives you the freedom to fit courses into your own busy schedule, not the other way around.

Work at Your Own Pace

When you’re in the classroom things are moving at the instructor’s pace, not your pace. If you need to go back and review something there aren’t any pause and rewind buttons. And if you’re the type that catches on fast, other students that need a slower pace can slow you down.

Why put your work pace at the mercy of others when you can do your own thing online?

More Convenient

Would you rather hoof it down to a school, look for parking and then have to commute back home or slip into some comfy PJs and walk a few steps to your computer? Yeah, we’d pick the latter too.

Typically More Affordable

When you factor in the direct and indirect costs of real estate schooling, online courses typically come out the winner. Online education providers are able to offer better rates because they don’t have to operate a physical space or cover the cost of printed materials. All that extra overhead ultimately gets reflected in the rates of classroom courses.

With online education you also don’t have to spend money on classroom-related expenses like gas, parking and babysitting fees when you’re able to do real estate courses at home.

You Still Have Access to Educators

Some people prefer classroom education because they get facetime with the instructor. Thanks to modern day technology that’s still totally possible when you take online courses.

If you have a question or need clarification you can email the course provider, give them a call or possibly even do a video chat. Heck, these days you can talk face to face using your smartphone. You may even find that the instructor has more time to give a thorough explanation when they aren’t trying to fit answers into the scheduled class time.

Just make sure you know how to get a hold of education providers before you sign up for an online real estate course.

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