What Does Becoming a Realtor in Arizona Mean?

Becoming a Realtor in Arizona means you’ve taken a step beyond getting your Arizona real estate license. It means you’ve joined the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and have publicly committed to the NAR’s Code of Ethics.

Becoming a Realtor also means becoming a trusted real estate professional in your community. Buyers and sellers can rely on you as a real estate agent of integrity, knowing that you’ve taken the extra step to earn your Realtor credentials. 

But there’s more to being a Realtor than many agents realize. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to become a Realtor in Arizona.

The Benefits of Becoming a Realtor in Arizona

As a Realator, you get access to professional benefits unavailable to the average agent. 

Take training, for example. Many agents wisely purchase additional training courses to help build their sales skills. But Realtors get access to career-building training at no additional cost through their local Association of Realtors.  

Or how about networking? Many new agents struggle to build their list of industry contacts. But your connections are critical to your real estate business! Knowing local mortgage lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, title reps, escrow officers, and other agents can help your transactions go more smoothly for you and your clients. NAR hosts networking events at the local, state, and national levels to help you build a network of trusted professionals you can rely on and comfortably refer business to.

Furthermore, the Arizona Association of Realtors lobbies on behalf of its members to enact legislation that favors real estate professionals and their clients. 

But perhaps the best advantage to becoming a Realtor is the competitive edge you gain over other real estate agents in your market. Savvy buyers and sellers know that Realtors are held to a higher ethical standard than the average real estate agent. So they are naturally more inclined to give you their business. And if your local buyers and sellers don’t know the difference, educate them! Post about the NAR Code of Ethics from your social media accounts and advise your prospective clients to insist on a Realtor.

Is There a Downside to Becoming an Arizona Realtor?

With all the benefits associated with becoming a Realtor, you might be wondering if there’s a catch. After all, if being a Realtor is so great, why don’t all agents become Realtors?

The “catch” is that there are costs associated with your NAR membership. Realtors pay dues to the local, state, and national levels for their membership in each organization. Local dues vary, but to give you an idea of the expense, here is a look at the 2021 dues for the West and SouthEast REALTORS® of the Valley (WeSERV):

  • Local Dues: $135

  • Arizona State Dues: $190

  • National Dues: $150

  • NAR Consumer Advertising: $35

So the annual cost for Realtors in this area of Arizona comes to $510. 

While the benefits may justify the fees, not all agents have the funds available to become Realtors. This is especially true among new agents who are just starting their business and don’t yet have a client base or consistent income. 

You Can Always Become a Realtor Later

Don’t let the Realtor fees stop you from becoming a real estate agent. You can start by getting your Arizona real estate license. Then, once you have some regular real estate income, you can make the leap to Arizona Realtor. 

Get started on your new real estate career today by enrolling in your real estate education courses online. The courses are fast, effective, and fun. You’ll be a licensed real estate agent, on your way to becoming a Realtor, in no time!  

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