What Courses are Required for a Michigan Real Estate License?

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Do you need a college degree to get a Michigan real estate license? Can college courses be used to meet educational requirements? What courses are required for a real estate license in Michigan?

These are all great questions. And luckily, we’ve got the answers.

What courses are required for a Michigan Real Estate License?

Is a College Degree or College Courses Required for a Michigan Real Estate License?

If you already have a college degree that’s great, but you don’t need one to get a real estate license in Michigan. However, if you do have a bachelor’s degree in finance or business from an accredited college or university that can potentially count towards 30 hours of prelicensing education.

What Are the Required Salesperson Pre-license Courses?

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) requires that all real estate salesperson candidates take 40 hours of prelicensure courses that have been approved by the department. Of that 40 hours, at least 4 hours need to cover equal opportunity in housing and civil rights law. 

The remaining 36 hours of education is focused on teaching you the fundamentals of being a real estate agent and the related Michigan laws. It’s essentially the information you need to know to pass the licensing exam. 

Some topics that are covered include:

  • Land use

  • Market analysis

  • Real estate calculations

  • Laws of agency

  • Laws governing licensing activities

  • Contracts

  • Property ownership

  • Transferring property

  • LARA duties

  • The practice of real estate

  • Disclosures

  • Financing

LARA has approved online courses, which means you have more flexibility for meeting the education requirement whenever and wherever you want. Also, keep in mind that the 40 hours of required coursework must be completed within 36 months of applying. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must take the prelicensing course with a LARA-approved education provider like Aceable Agent. There is an updated list of approved educators on the Michigan.gov website that provides an education provider number, course ID and contact information. 

What If You’re Already Licensed in Another State?

Unfortunately, Michigan does not have real estate license reciprocity. That means if you’re already licensed in another state you’ll still have to take the 40-hour prelicensing courses like the newbies. But on the bright side, it’s a good opportunity to learn specific Michigan real estate laws and get prepped for the licensing exam.

Ready to get started? Sign up for the Aceable Agent Online Michigan Real Estate Course to start knocking out your 40 hours of education today! 

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