8 Weirdest Million Dollar Homes

Our culture tends to conflate the word “expensive” with the word “attractive.” If an item costs more, we generally assume that it’s aesthetically pleasing and it’s nice. This doesn’t always ring true, as these houses, each over $1 million prove with their unique, individual facades.

Obviously, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe there are some differences in taste that account for certain houses being a little less… attractive than others. That’s totally fine. They all contain hidden gems and are each in beautiful cities full of gorgeous, unique architecture.

That said, sometimes you’ve gotta wonder what exactly the builder of these houses was thinking. Word to the wise: the quantity of the money doesn’t always mean that the taste is quality.

1. Lego House

This eight bedroom, 11 bathroom mansion in Illinois looks like if you asked a rapper to craft a house with only the help of children’s playtime blocks.

Image source: Zillow

2. No Orleans

That’s it? Where’s the door? How do you get in? Something about this New Orleans home just doesn’t make sense and it could be the lack of immediate, noticeable entrance.

Image source: Realtor

3. Holes

Who knew you had to go to Phoenix, Arizona to experience living in a cruise ship room all the time? So many portholes.

Image source: Realtor

4. Big Blue

Cue the music. To live in this San Francisco home, you need to be in a constant loop of the ‘90s classic “Blue (Da Ba Dee).” The good thing about living here would be that nobody would ever need to ask your favorite color.

Image source: Realtor

5. The Compound

When you think of a warm, cozy house, you think of the opposite of this alarmingly stark and slightly scary Denver brick slab. It just looks like the type of place you shouldn’t be after midnight, which isn’t convenient for a house in which you live 24/7

Image source: Realtor

6. Cabin in the Woods

This New York lake house just looks like the scene of a scary movie waiting to happen. Enter at your own risk.

7. Glass Houses

Don’t throw stones… or leave the curtains open. This Sunny Isles Beach, Florida home is perfect for experiencing life in a fishbowl.

Image source: Zillow

8. Mismatched

Do you remember the Nickelodeon TV show “CatDog”? This Brecksville, Ohio mansion is the architectural embodiment of the titular character in that it looks like two different houses haphazardly strung together.

Image source: Realtor


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