Real Estate Robots: Coming Soon to a Market Near You

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Now you can be in two places at once - if you’re a real estate agent. Robots are showing up everywhere, including open houses. The techies at Zenplace has devised a virtual system that allows agents to phone it in, literally. Of course this technology is taking off in Silicon Valley where it was unveiled last summer. Here’s what else you need to know about the newest crop of real estate robots.

Maximizing Productivity With a Robotic Real Estate Partners

If you’re a fan of Modern Family you get the concept behind Zenplace’s “Zenny” real estate robot . The high-tech property management company has essentially taken an internet-connected tablet and fixed it to a rolling stand to create a virtual agent.

The moveable video monitor can escort potential renters around available apartments. The agent operates the monitor remotely while simultaneously video chatting with the renters. Prospective renters can even submit an application through Zenny.

Thus, the agent can give the tour without having to be there in person. Agents that are giving Zenny a test run say the technology allows them to fit more showings into their busy schedules.

In metros with notorious traffic , being able to hold an open house virtually can be a real time-saver. But you’re missing out on the important human element of being an agent and building relationships.

No matter how hard we try, video chatting simply can’t replace an in-person meeting. It may not be the best option when you’re selling a house, but we see the benefit for touring leases.

Some also argue that all of the burgeoning artificial intelligence is diminishing the role of real estate agents. And based on venture capitalist activity real estate tech is on the rise.

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On demand, virtual services are changing every industry, and real estate is no exception.

The Rex device is another sign of the changing times. Supported by a proprietary online platform, Rex is designed to answer just about any question related to a listing. But it’s a long way off from actually replacing listing agents, which is the long-term goal.

Are Zenny and Rex signs that robots could take over the world one day as long as there aren’t stairs? Yes. Is this a totally awesome addition to your real estate toolset? You bet ya. We just might risk the robot takeover to avoid Austin traffic.


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