Dress Professionally and Stylishly In Real Estate

Being a well-dressed real estate agent is an important factor in making a good first impression on clients. Not only does looking polished show them that you’re taking the job seriously, but your outfit is an immediate reflection of your taste. For real estate agents, what’s deemed office appropriate may change depending on the company’s standards, but a good rule of thumb to remember is: overdressed is always better than underdressed. However, don’t let the idea of a business casual dress code limit your closet to neutral tones and conservative cuts. Colors, patterns, and statement pieces can easily find a place in your Monday-Friday wardrobe with the right styling. Here are a few ways to stay professional while also letting some personality shine through.

Women's Real Estate Fashion

Play with texture

This navy ruffle skirt is a great length for work but keeps the look exciting with layers of flounce. Ruffles are not only feminine but also timeless, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of this hot trend now for use later. Even better? Paired with a white blouse, this look works across seasons.

Say yes to color

From bold solid pieces like this yellow sheath dress to a mix of color and pattern combinations in this blue shirtdress , shifting your closet from neutrals to color will help make basic pieces punchy and fun. Pair with simple earrings and accessories and your outfit will instantly pop without any effort.

Remember that small details go a long way

Consider pieces with bows, buttons, and embellishments to turn an everyday staple into an eye-catching statement. This blazer’s pearl button detail on the sleeves and breast take it from standard to chic.

Men's Real Estate Fashion

Go preppy

While black and navy blazers are more conventional picks, this madras blazer stands out in a good way. This playful pattern is toned down with simple colors, but is sure to spark a comment. Keep the look refined with dark pants and a light button-down.

Light up in white

Take a break from your denim and khakis and mix in a pair of crisp white  chinos. These pants are best in the summer and are easy to transition into nighttime fun. Keep an oxford tucked into these while on the job, but shift to a short-sleeve button-down for after dark.

Have fun with sporty elements

These wing-tip oxfords are the perfect balance between formal and casual. With a more conventional style on top but a soft and flexible sole, these shoes are perfect for walking around while staying spiffy.

Take your tie collection to the next level

Ties in solid colors and simple stripes might be easy to match with your outfit, but playing it too safe comes off as dull. Make your look exciting with fun patterns like this polka dot tie . Even if you’re not wearing a tie on a regular basis, it’s good to keep a collection on hand, and preferably one with some energy. From bolder colors to subtle details, there’s no reason for your wardrobe to press snooze during the workweek. Dress for success in the real estate industry with trendier pieces and unique touches to show off your individuality on the job, and grab a compliment or two on your outfit in the process.


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