A Look Inside the Georgia Real Estate Course

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So, you want to become a real estate agent in Georgia, do you? Call us biased, but we think you’ve made a great decision. 

State Requirements

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Georgia Real Estate Commission requires anyone wishing to enter the profession to complete a 75-hour pre-license real estate course from a state-approved education provider, and you’re wondering what could possibly take 75 hours to cover? 

That’s a fair question and the subject of this article. 

Our state-approved curriculum covers everything that's needed to meet the education requirement, including a proctored test. And, upon completion of the course, our successful students will be prepared to move on to the Georgia licensing exam. 

Course Topics

While the specific topics to be covered are dictated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission, we have some leeway in how that material is presented. 

We start off the course by presenting a very basic, foundational understanding of real estate, and, from there, move through a wide range of related subjects in greater depth and detail. All of this takes place within the 27 levels that make up the course. 

Here’s a little more detail on what that looks like.

Real Estate Foundations

In the first levels of the course, we lay out a solid foundation of real estate terms and concepts, including: 

  • The differences between land, real estate, and real property 

  • Property types, land rights, and estates 

  • Forms of personal and business ownership

  • Legal land descriptions and real property measurement 

  • Public and private land use controls

The Law of Contracts and Agency 

With that foundation set, we progress to the section of the course that addresses the two primary legal concepts under which real estate professionals operate: contract law and agency law. 

This includes a discussion of the essential elements that all valid contracts must contain — including the contracts used in Georgia real estate — and the requirements of anyone taking on the responsibility and authority to act on behalf of another, which is just what a real estate agent does. 

Also, included in this section of the course is a thorough treatment of the principle of disclosure, whether it be a disclosure of agency relationships or disclosure of material facts about the properties involved and transactions that take place. 


After that, the course turns to the subject of finance, with a number of levels dedicated to: 

  • Methods of financing 

  • Mortgage instruments 

  • Private, state, and federal government loan programs

  • Foreclosure 

  • The lending process

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Property Management & Leases 

Next, come two short levels that take the student through the world of property management — a popular area of specialization for many real estate professionals. 

We break down the general subject of property management, by looking at: 

  • Specializations

  • Basic duties

  • Statutory compliance 

  • Risk management 

  • Leases

Property Valuation & Appraisals

From there, we take a relatively quick look at property valuation, touching on the concept of supply and demand and the role of a comparative market analysis report. And that leads nicely into a discussion on the practices and processes of property appraisers. 

Transfer of Title & the Closing Process

The next two levels cover the manner in which property is conveyed. The student is introduced to the elements of a valid deed, deed types, conveyance of property after death, and what is meant by marketable title. The closing process and closing costs are also explained. 

Ethics, Oversight, and Regulation 

The remaining levels in the course address the important topics of ethical real estate practices and the state and federal government oversight and regulation that have been created to encourage ethical behavior. 

Included in the state-level discussion, the student is introduced to Georgia’s regulations regarding such things as: 

  • Licensing requirements and exemptions

  • License maintenance and renewal

  • Real estate practice in GA 

  • Broker responsibility 

  • Commission procedures

  • Advertising 

Pre-license Diagram in Georgia

Memorable Education

As you can see, we cover a lot in our 75-hour, state-approved course. And we do it in a very fun and memorable way. 

But entertainment value aside, the biggest smiles we get come from knowing that our students are set up to ace the state test — which is why we offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll pass the Georgia real estate licensing exam. 

Find out more about our online Georgia real estate course, student concierge team, exam prep tools, and our Ace the Test Guarantee today. 

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