How to Get a Pennsylvania Real Estate License Online

Getting a Pennsylvania real estate license online

Thinking about getting your Pennsylvania real estate license, but want the convenience of doing it online? We’ve got some good news for you. Besides going to a testing center to take your real estate license exam, all other steps for getting your Pennsylvania real estate license can be completed online. 

With technology advancing the way it is, most state licensure processes are being switched over to completely digital. It’s easier to send, share, and store data, and it’s also more convenient for those trying to get licensed. 

So, what are the steps for getting a Pennsylvania real estate license online? Let’s walk you through it

  1. Take an approved online pre-licensing course

  2. Apply for the licensing exam

  3. Study for the licensing exam

  4. Complete a Criminal History Records Check

  5. Take the licensing exam

  6. Find your Sponsoring Broker

  7. Apply for your real estate license

Step #1 - Take an approved online pre-licensing course

Pennsylvania law requires you to take and pass real estate pre-license education courses before you can take your exam. You must take and complete 2 courses that total 75 hours of coursework. The two courses include: 

  • Real Estate Fundamentals (30 hours) 

  • Real Estate Practice (45 hours)

Previously, these pre-license education courses were only offered in a classroom setting. That meant you had to meet at a specific location for your total of 75 hours. Courses were given lecture-style, meaning you had to go, sit, and listen to the information being given.

But now, the internet has helped revamp the system. You can now take your pre-licensing courses completely online. There are multiple online courses that are approved and accepted by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission. You can take the course from any device, and you can go at your own pace. You also have the convenience of fitting your coursework in whenever it works for your schedule. 

Online courses make learning the material interactive and engaging, which is helpful because this is the information you need to know to pass your exam!

Step #2 -- Apply for the licensing exam

The exam is administered by PSI, which is a private testing company. To apply and register for the exam, you need to provide PSI with a certificate of completion from your pre-licensure courses.

You will make an appointment to take the exam, which can be scheduled as soon as a week in advance.

Step #3 -- Study for your licensing exam

Time to go back through all the material and notes from your pre-licensing course to make sure you are ready for the exam.

The best thing you can do to study is to take practice tests, which are luckily available online. 

And if you choose to take your pre-licensing course online, you will most likely have access to study tools. At Aceable, we give you exam prep tools that help you successfully complete the final step for getting a Pennsylvania real estate license. You’ll get a comprehensive study guide, unlimited practice tests, insider tips and more.

Step #4 -- Complete a Criminal History Records Check

Before your license can be issued, the Real Estate Commission requires you to complete a background check by the Pennsylvania State Police. You can go to the PATCH website to get a Pennsylvania background check online.

There will be a fee for the background check, and the results only stay up-to-date for three months.

Step #5 -- Take the licensing exam

This step, unfortunately, must be done in person. You must go to a PSI Exam Site Location to take the exam and you must bring 2 forms of a valid ID. One must be government-issued (drivers license or passport) and the other must have your full name pre-printed and it must be a signed document. Both IDs need to have the same name as on your application for the exam.

The exam consists of a National portion and a State portion. You must answer at least 60 out of 80 questions on the National portion and 23 out of 30 questions correctly in order to pass.

Step #6 -- Find your Sponsoring Broker

In order to be a practicing real estate agent in Pennsylvania, you need the sponsorship of a licensed real estate broker. 

Although your initial search for a sponsoring broker will probably happen online, it’s recommended to meet with your broker in-person before choosing them. You want to find someone that you can work well with and learn from. 

Then, that sponsoring broker will need to sign a sworn statement to be turned in with your Pennsylvania real estate license application.

Step # 7 -- Apply for your real estate license

The Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS) is an online portal that will walk you through the process of applying for your real estate license. You will need to create an account, submit all the necessary documentation, and wait to be approved.

PALs will have the licensing application provided by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission which you must complete, sign, and submit along with the required fee.

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