Best Places to Live in Virginia 2020

Virginia best places to live

Virginia is for lovers — and for those looking to put down roots in a state that has what every buyer wants. Virginia offers its residents: 

  • Natural beauty 

  • Economic stability and opportunity

We’ll look at how those traits attract new residents and then identify three of the very best places to live in the commonwealth. You can also read more about the fastest-growing cities in Virginia. 

Natural Beauty 

Objectively speaking, Virginia is beautiful. It’s sprinkled with outdoor adventures like caves and waterfalls, there are many historical sites to visit (it’s the tenth oldest state in the country!), and the Blue Ridge Mountains offer beautiful views of fall colors and easy weekend getaways. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway also runs through Virginia and attracts locals and tourists alike. 

Economic Stability 

Virginia has the 11th highest per capita income in America. The state has seen a lot of economic growth in recent years, and jobs — especially government jobs — are more readily available. 


Arlington is ranked as one of the best cities in Virginia, but it’s also ranked nationally as one of the best cities in America. 

Located between Virginia and Washington, Arlington offers its residents a wide variety of activities and opportunities:

  • The nightlife is exciting

  • Commute times are relatively low

  • Outdoor adventures are close and plentiful    

That said, Arlington isn’t especially cheap. Average rent prices are around $1,800 and the median home value is about $607,000. Arlington employers do pay their employees more than other cities, but the cost of living is something for new residents to consider. 

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Popular Neighborhoods

License holders should be aware of these popular neighborhoods in the Arlington area: 

  • Bluemont

  • Colonial Village

  • North Rosslyn 

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Vienna has a low unemployment rate of 2.9%. For context, the unemployment rate for the U.S. fluctuates between 3.5% and 4.0%. Vienna residents also earn the most, per household, than any other city in the state. 

Being that it is fairly close to Washington D.C., Vienna’s population has grown 30% in the past five years. This means sellers should find it relatively easy to sell their property. Vienna also has a very low crime rate. This fact draws in even more potential buyers and families with children. 

The median home value in Vienna is around $660,000 (a little higher than Arlington). This is a higher price, but residents are willing to pay to live in a city ranked as one of the best “small towns” in the U.S. 

Virginia Beach 

Who doesn’t love a beach town? 

Virginia Beach has a low cost of living. The average home price is around $260,000 and renters typically pay around $1,200 per month. When compared with Vienna and Arlington, Virginia Beach is much a more affordable city. 

Much like Vienna and Arlington, Virginia Beach is a safe city and a top tourist destination. Residents should be aware that crime rates go up in peak tourist season. 

The high number of tourists has brought in many restaurants and novel attractions. Between these attributes and the ocean, residents have plenty to do. This is an important draw for both young adults and families with children. 


Every buyer will have a different definition of what constitutes the “best” place to live. Buyers look at factors like: 

  • Property value

  • Nightlife

  • Work commute

  • Proximity to quality schools

But most buyers agree on safety. Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes and neighborhood. Here are a few of the safest cities in Virginia based on the frequency of violent crime: 

  • Lexington 

  • Bridgewater

  • Vienna

  • Buena Vista

  • Falls Church 

  • Poquoson 

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