Adorable Closing Gifts for the Holiday Season

Adorable Closing Gifts for the Holiday Season

It’s always a good idea to give your clients a small gift or treat during the holiday season, but if they’re closing the deal, it’s a REALLY good idea. Whether they like to spend time in the kitchen, have a young one, or have settled on a house with a backyard pool (cough cough pool towels) - there are lots of things you know about your clients that can help you find the perfect gift. Here’s a few we recommend:

 Keyring:  Skip the boring loop keyring and get this simple, brass design- the material is strong and won’t break, while the loop itself is long enough that it’ll hold more keys than they’ll ever own. This is an affordable option that you could give to each member of the family that says, “Welcome Home!”

 Candle:  A candle is never a bad idea, especially for the home. A multi-purpose gift, it smells nice and is a great decoration. Make sure you get one that stands out. We like this hand-painted porcelain one that you can wash and reuse after burning and comes in both a striped and polka-dot design.

 Personalized Doormat:  An oldie but a goodie, a doormat is an easy gift for a new home. Step up the game and have it personalized with either a monogram or the address (bonus: it’s free!). Now everytime someone visits their new home and comments on the mat- they’ll know who you are!

 Popcorn Maker:  It’s hard to go wrong here. Everyone loves popcorn, and this stainless steel design will blend in seamlessly with any kitchen. If you want to go the extra mile, throw in a couple popcorn bowls to go along with it.

 Barkbox Subscription:  Some owners love their dogs like their own child. If your client is a dog person, you have probably heard about Gus or Mittens for the majority of the house hunting process. Send them off with a subscription to Barkbox (from 1-month to 12-month packages) that’ll give their fave pet a box full of new toys and treats.

No matter what, give your gift a few days after the closing so it’s really a housewarming gift. Since it’s around the holidays, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a little holiday touch. Add a box of Christmas cookies and write your note on a festive card- remember to take your time on this one, because this is what they’ll remember more than the gift.


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