5 Social Media Tips to Market Real Estate Listings

The Internet has transformed how we do many things, including how agents market their real estate listings. Knowledgeable licensed real estate agents know it’s not enough to simply input a listing into the local MLS and allow it to auto-populate to relevant websites.

Especially with how the COVID-19 pandemic has inhibited the ability to show a property in these times, marketing real estate listings today must be engaging and appealing not just to buyers but to other agents who may have a buyer who’s right for your property. Here are five tips to keep in mind when using social media to market a real estate listing.

1. Put Personality in Your Video

Siloh Moses is the PhilanthroInvestor Ambassador for Equity & Help, a Las Vegas-based real estate investment company that helps lower-income families achieve the dream of homeownership. Moses sees plenty of listings come across his radar on any given day. He says many real estate agents have turned to video to market a listing, but he thinks they could be more creative and personable with the videos.

Video walkthroughs often include aerial shots and effectively “show” a home. But they can look and feel a little static without good narration. As an agent, you can introduce yourself and inject some personality into the narrative to make it memorable for viewers.

“You can use a little humor, some character,” Moses said. "You can add some personality to the home and neighborhood. Videos of a staged home with fresh-baked cookies on the counter are done. We need a new twist, a new perspective.”

2. Embrace New Social Media Platforms

Agents often get stuck in archaic marketing habits. Think outside the tried and true approaches, Moses adds. In the world of social media, that means embracing platforms you may not think are relevant to your audience. TikTok is one of them.

“TikTok is the place to be right now,” the real estate expert added. “If you have that million-dollar listing near the ocean, a nice video with humor and character will go far on TikTok.”

3. Facebook Is Tried and True

Real estate agents have loved Facebook for a long time. They tout their sales, post listings, and tell the world about themselves through the platform. Testimonials attached to listing photos and descriptions can add credibility, and the platform is a great place to establish yourself as a real estate pro and stay in touch with your audience.

Facebook ads allow you to target specific demographics for your listings. But Moses also says it’s important to not pull the plug on ads after only a few days. Give Facebook at least 10 days to analyze activity and be open to what he calls “look-alike audiences.” These are people who may be slightly different from the demographic you initially created on the platform. While people love to control the audience they target for their ads, with time, Facebook can help fine-tune that audience.

4. Look to LinkedIn to Get Deals Done

Yes, we know LinkedIn is for marketing between business professionals, but when you list a home, let’s not forget you will be working with another agent (a buyer’s agent) to complete the transaction. With LinkedIn, your listing may catch the eye of another agent who has the perfect client for your listing. Include the listing on your company or personal page, and if the page is part of a real estate group, your listing can gain even more traction.

5. Instagram Is Great for Real Estate

Photos look great on Instagram, which is why agents love this platform to show off their listings. You have a lot of creative freedom with how you can present your listing, and the platform also allows for you to engage directly with agents or buyers who are curious about the listing.

Instagram is incredibly personal, and agents also use the space to talk about recent transactions, what they love about their work, and the fantastic people they meet. Instagram offers the perfect balance between professional look and personal touch for a listing. It’s a site where you’ll find luxury properties galore, for a reason. They look great, and the platform allows for easy communication with others, too.

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