5 Reasons 2021 is a Great Time to Get Into Real Estate

90% of real estate agents say that right now is a good time to start a career in real estateIn a recent survey of real estate agents, an impressive 90% of respondents say that right now is a good time to start a career in real estate. 

This high percentage might surprise you if you’ve seen the headlines about how competitive the real estate market is. Those headlines aren’t wrong; real estate is (and always has been) a competitive field. Between the flexibility, income potential, and ability to be your own boss, who wouldn’t want to be in real estate?

But with the advancement in resources and education available to real estate agents, anyone with the motivation to succeed has the power to do so. In fact, 94% of agents surveyed agree that new agents can have success in today’s market with the right education and support.

Do you want to know why such an overwhelming percentage of active agents think new agents can be successful in 2021? Here are five reasons today is a great time to get into real estate. 

1. Real Estate Education Is Better and More Accessible Than Ever

While no state requires real estate agents to hold a college degree, all states require some level of real estate education. Taking your real estate courses used to mean traveling to a school campus for regularly scheduled classes. The format of these courses was almost always textbook-reading based with weekly lectures from a professor. And studying meant re-reading your textbook alone.

But real estate courses in 2021 are more accessible and engaging. With online real estate courses, you can study around your schedule, with zero time wasted commuting to campus. Innovative online real estate schools offer a combination of text, images, videos, and interactive quizzes to help make the course material easier to remember. You can even take your courses directly through your smartphone or tablet for maximum convenience. And when it’s time to study for your real estate exam, you can get access to practice tests that will help cement the material in your mind while also preparing you for the format of the state exam.     

Today’s improved real estate education isn’t limited to your pre-license courses. You can also take your state-required continuing education courses online quickly, easily, and affordably.

2. There are More Resources Available for Today’s New Agents

As any licensed real estate agent will tell you, there’s more to learn about being an agent than the state courses cover. Your required real estate courses teach you the principles and practices of the industry, but they typically don’t get into topics like marketing, prospecting, sales, or negotiation. Luckily, in 2021, there are more resources available to new agents than ever before. 

You can find valuable information for new real estate agents for free online in the form of podcasts and blogs. Your Association of REALTORS® is also a good resource for training seminars in your local market, and the cost of these seminars is often covered by your membership dues.    

If you prefer more structure for your sales education, you have lots of low-cost options to choose from. Consider some of the comprehensive books available for new agents. Or you could take an affordable training course that covers topics like building a real estate team, finding quality leads, or crushing your listing appointments to win sellers.   

And as your career progresses, you have the option to take your business to the next level through private real estate coaches, which are now widely available online. These coaches work with you personally to address the challenges of your unique business and keep you accountable for working toward your goals. 

3. Virtual Brokerages Have Made the Industry More Flexible

Virtual brokerages are real estate offices that operate online instead of having workers report to a physical office.

Before the pandemic, around 41% of agents already worked in a virtual brokerage environment. By the end of the first year of the pandemic, that number jumped to 88%. 

This explosion of virtual brokerages is good news for aspiring real estate agents who value flexibility. Real estate has always been a flexible industry, allowing agents to work as many (or as few) hours as they choose. But many brick-and-mortar brokerages required agents to report to the office for regular face-to-face office meetings and to take shifts covering the office phone or accepting walk-in clients. 

But with virtual brokerages, you never have to commute to an office. Any required office meetings can be conducted online from anywhere (your open house, your kid’s soccer game, wherever!). Your clients and prospects can reach you directly by email, phone, or text. And with so many buyers and sellers online, there’s no need for floor-coverage in case of walk-in clients.   

Virtual brokerages have been working so well over the past few years that only 1% of agents plan to remain in a physical brokerage office.

4. PropTech Has Made the Job Easier and More Efficient

PropTech (property technology) is the short-hand term for all real estate industry systems and solutions powered by technology. It includes innovations that real estate agents use every day, like:81% of real estate agents agree that PropTech has made their job easier

  • Virtual tours,

  • Drones for listing photos and videos,

  • Augmented reality staging applications, which add digital renderings of furniture and accessories to photos of vacant homes,

  • Chatbots that use artificial intelligence to communicate with clients when agents aren’t available,

  • Software that automates marketing campaigns,

  • And big data that fuels automated home price estimates.

Real estate agents all over the country appreciate how these technological advancements have changed their workflows. In fact, in a recent survey, an impressive 81% of agents agree that proptech has made their job easier.

Take virtual showings, for example. With virtual showings, agents are able to show more homes to more buyers in less time. Buyers can even access virtual tours online 24/7. This means the buyers who wouldn’t be right for the home can quickly cross the home off their list without requiring a full guided tour. And it frees agents up to focus on serious buyers. That’s why 95% of real estate agents in a recent survey agree that they prefer virtual showings.  

5. Start-Up Costs are Low for New Agents in 2021

Another big advantage of joining the real estate industry today is the low start-up costs compared to yesteryears.

Back in the day, new real estate agents needed substantial cash on hand to launch their careers. On-campus real estate courses were expensive, and agents spent a small fortune in print ads and signage to establish themselves and gain brand recognition.

But today, you can take advantage of low-cost, high-quality online real estate courses to get your license without expensive tuition rates. 

And there are tons of marketing opportunities that require little-to-no cash. For example, you can post to your social media accounts for free or run inexpensive social media ad campaigns. You can blog to increase traffic to your website from buyers and sellers who Google real estate-related topics.

Plus, with today’s technology, you can manage tasks that used to require a professional. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, for example, you can use free programs like Canva to create your own professional-quality designs in minutes (perfect for newsletters, postcards, signage, business cards, and even graphics for your social media or website). Or instead of hiring an expensive website designer, you can build your own professional website with today’s user-friendly website building programs. 

Key Takeaway

Don’t be fooled by those who say that the real estate industry is too competitive for new agents to be successful. With the right real estate education and the resources available to today’s agents, there’s never been a better time to get into real estate.

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