5 Perfect Closing Gifts for Football Fanatic Clients

Closing gifts are a way to show your appreciation for a client after working together for weeks or months (and sometimes much longer). They can also help you make a lasting impression, which never hurts in the referral department.

Some agents give generic closing gifts that are nice, but they don’t have that personal touch that makes a real connection. The most impactful closing gifts are ones that have real meaning to the recipient. For many Texans, that only means one thing in the fall - football.

In Texas, the quickest way to many people’s hearts is showing love for their favorite football team. If you have a client who’s a football fanatic we’ve got a few closing gifts ideas that are worthy of an end zone celebration.

Tickets to a Game

Studies have shown that experiential gifts have a lasting positive effect, whereas many tangible items are quickly forgotten. That’s why we think the top closing gift for a football fanatic is tickets to watch their favorite local team in person. Your client will make great memories that make them think of you every time they reminisce about the game.

The Ultimate Grind Iron Coffee-Table Book

Sports Illustrated’s Super Bowl Gold: 50 Years of the Big Game is the ultimate coffee-table book for football fanatics. The book features Sports Illustrated’s amazing sideline photography with previously unpublished stories from iconic players and coaches. It’s sure to be a halftime hit at your client’s next football party.

Smartphone Case With Spirit

Since people carry their smartphones around 24/7, protective cases are a must-have accessory. Remind your client of your awesome services every time they make a call, send a text or check the score with a football phone case. If they already have a phone case featuring their favorite team, another option is a smartwatch band made out of pebbled leather.

Football-Inspired Treats

Sinking your teeth into gourmet baked goods is always a winning gift, but you can really score with football-inspired treats . There’s a good chance your client will be so impressed by the arrangement of treats decorated with their team’s colors, mascot and logo that they get displayed rather than eaten. Just make sure to avoid nuts and dairy in case of allergies.

A Great Football Documentary

Streaming media has given documentary filmmakers multiple platforms for showcasing their work and finding a niche audience. As a result, it’s easier than ever to find football documentaries that will give your client an insider’s look at their favorite team, coach, player or the sport in general. Our movie critics recommend Two Days in April for football fans that want to know what it’s like to make the transition from college to the NFL.


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