11 Thoughts Every Agent Has at an Open House

The life of a real estate agent isn’t all bright, clean spaces, huge sales, and fun viewings of amazing properties. Those things are certainly the perks, but there are also plenty of smaller everyday tasks.

Real estate agents are responsible for more intricate and detail-oriented dealings, including drafting contracts, comforting clients, and of course, open houses.

Preparing for an open house is a trial in and of itself, and by the time the big day comes it’s almost like watching your child perform at a dance recital. You know how much effort and practice and time went into this and now you’re just hoping it all goes smoothly and everybody claps… or in this case, buys.

Here are 11 common thoughts that every real estate agent has during an open house.

“That artwork has got to go.”

The last time you were here it was a cute family photo, now these people think they’re Van Gogh? It may be time to retire this piece.

“Please don’t go through the top drawer of the nightstand… Please don’t go through the top drawer of the nightstand.”

The snoops will always find their way in, but you’re just hoping that they’re not overstepping any boundaries. Your casa is not totally su casa.

“I just might need one of these candles for myself.”

You’ve gotta give it your clients, they have some great taste in scents. Vanilla bean > clean cotton.

“Repeat: There’s a pretty long list of interested buyers. I barely have time to schedule second showings!”

You know what they say about little white lies…

“If I have to answer one more question about an open floor plan…”

This isn’t House Hunters, people.

“I would give my right arm to take that coffee maker for a spin.”

This is post-caffeine crash and pre-Starbucks run number two.

“Say millennial pink. Millennial. Pink.”

Just trying to keep up with all of these hip terms. Time to upgrade the color schemes.

“Is that an OFFER I hear? Where’s the champagne?”

Pour it up. Another day, another sale.  Pats self on the back. 

“Remember when I thought this would be all fun redecorating and big money?”

9-5? LOL. You don’t even know what that feels like, you only remember the days of real estate hopes and dreams.


As much as you love making potential buyers comfortable, you also love not breaking the incredibly ornate, expensive vase and/or dirtying that pristine, newly-steamed duvet.

“Did I lock the door? Please say I locked that door. I’m turning around.”

The worst nightmare. You go from a real estate agent to a NASCAR driver and then an FBI agent to protect that property. All in a day’s work.

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